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  • Location: Greensburg,Green,KY
  • Cost: $150 per month
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Absolutely the worst company I've ever been forced to use in my life. Been looking at houses to get out of this area and away from Windstream, but until then, I'm forced to be connected with Windstream. A latency outage started up in 2011. There has been countless phone calls made to Windstream tech support asking for answers. Almost every time I called, I would get different answers or no answers at all. Finally, using dslreports.com, I got the answer that this latency outage in my area was to be fixed sometime in 2013. So that is how much Windstream cares about their customers. Since they have no competition in this area, letting customers get less than 30% of the service they pay for on a daily basis for 2 years is no big deal or risk for them. Yes, on a daily basis I get less than 30% of the speed that is being paid for. I actually cannot believe this company is still in business. I guess it's because they target remote areas that will have no competition in ISP providers, oversell the area so no one gets the service they're paying for, and still charge as much as they want to knowing that their customers have no alternatives except to relocate their families to a better area.

UPDATE: Worse and worse, this company is getting. There is no way that the way they run this company can be legal. How do they still exist? Will the FTC do anything about it? I'll attach the latest speedtest screenshot from today, which was 0.12mbps download speeds. I can't even browse the internet or load email. It was about 12:30pm when I ran the test, but it was unusable a few hours before that, and it will be that bad until around 2 a.m., then it might hit 2.0mbps. The latest info from them is "we would know more in Q1 2015, but as of now, upgrades are still planned in 2015 for my area." They said they would have to check the budgets and see if it still works. LOL. I think when you spend nothing on upgrades for so long, charge the same overpriced cost, you're going to have enough budget if you actually wanted to upgrade. They don't though, they still have no competition. SCRTC is suppose to be coming into my county next year, which is why Windstream has kept pushing back their upgrades until they are in danger of losing their customers to another option. The absolute best speed my internet can reach now, 1mbps at 3 a.m... 30% of the speed I'm paying for. Am I getting a 70% discount? HAHA YEAH RIGHT

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Avondale, AZ

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Fixed sometime in 2013?? WTF

"Latency outage in my area was to be fixed sometime in 2013?"

Talk about hillbilly internet!!!

I know there are based in Pulaski Little Rock but come on... Can't fix a fixable common issue until next year. Ridiculous...

Might want to look at »www.hughesnet.com/index.cfm?page ··· ing#gen4

Greensburg, KY

Re: Fixed sometime in 2013?? WTF

I had Hughes net before I could get DSL and the latency is crazy. There is no online gaming or streaming of Netflix with 500-800ms latency. Yes, 2 whole years just for Windstream to upgrade their equipment. They have no problem still selling out internet service though because my grandma lives right down the road from me, doesn't have a computer, but Windstream calls her up every so often asking her to sign up for Windstream "high-speed" internet service! Haha gosh. It's getting worse too as time is going by because earlier this year, around 2am when my speed would actually be at 3.0mbps, my latency would be 45ms ping. Now, my speed doesn't hit 3.0mbps even at 2 or 3am, only a maximum of 2.4mbps at 98ms ping.


No such animal.

As a retired CenturyTel (now CenturyLink) employee, I dealt in DSL mostly for residential & business customers in my area. There is no such animal as a "latency outage". This is a phrase that Alltel (now Windstream) uses (and invented) to describe a problem they don't (or won't) know how to fix. 99% of the time, its usually bad outside plant because they don't (or won't) maintain it. In areas they purchased, the plant was already bad, and is getting worse.

Windstream really can't afford to make massive upgrades (or maintenance) to the plant because their balance sheet is still in the toilet from all of the purchases they've made over the years. Only when they're HEAVILY pressured, will they do anything to improve your service. Myself, I currently live in a Windstream area, but with their shoddy service and non-existent support (if you can call it that), I'm moving back to where I used to live where I had AT&T. At least where I used to live, AT&T worked very well.

All Windstream will do is pay lip service to you and when they're questioned by the press, lip service will be paid to them as well. I remember a time (last year), they used to troll around on here trying to "solve customer problems", when in fact, they couldn't (or wouldn't). You don't seen them on here anymore.

I feel your pain. Just roll with the flow until you move.