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  • Location: Aberdeen,Moore,NC
  • Cost: $129 per month (month by month)
Good "Modems would make decent paper weights"
Bad "I don't need a paper weight"
Overall "DSL Service worse than having AIDS"
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Tech Support:
Value for money:
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Customer support was, at its best, next to useless.

With the recent addition of new call centers the average phone tech is now obviously barely listening, barely computer literate, completely unfamiliar with any aspect of their product. You're as likely to get a resolution to an issue walking up to a random homeless guy on the street and requesting support as you are calling Windstream's customer service.

For months now during an ever-widening window from 6PM-1AM packet loss is 15-80% with sustained transfer rates dipping below 10KBps at the worst. Service is effectively not present. The issue was initially reported 3+ months ago, been acknowledged finally as existing ~1.5 months ago and there is still no planned resolution or ETA of any kind.

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lodged 2.4 years ago


Hazard, KY


At least aids can be treated.


Phone Tech support.

I find it therapeutic, kind of like honking your horn in Midtown Manhattan rush hour. Other than that it is about as worthless as talking to the wall...oh wait, I can at least bang my head against the wall.