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Review by hillrj2 See Profile

  • Location: Landrum,Spartanburg,SC
  • Cost Contract price not specified.
Good "Absolutely nothing good about them."
Bad "Always High ping. Never get correct bandwidth. Customer support doesn't care, or know what they're doing."
Overall "Horribly company with horrible quality. DO NOT EVER go with Windstream."
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I've had Windstream for close to 7 years. They are the only option at my house. For the past 3 to 4 months, I'm getting around 0.14mbps - 0.89mbps download and a ping up to 600ms. I've called and called and they always say they can't do anything, they'll have to send out a technician and fix it. They technician doesn't come the majority of the time. I call back, "Oh, they didn't put in that ticket." When they do come, they do nothing. they leave a modem on the doorstep and leave. I have like 7 new modems from this. They've tried to charge me. I've had to call and argue with them how I never asked for the modems and how my bill should not be $200 more than usual. This is the most frustrating thing I think I've ever had to deal with. Charter is on my road, but they stop short of my house. They want me to pay them to extend the line, and I'm about to do it. This is absurd.

Here is a prime example: »www.speedtest.net/result/2368634 ··· 4692.png

I took that about 1 minute ago. It's like that 24/7.

EDIT 1/1/13: Still horrible service: »www.speedtest.net/result/2409776 ··· 6984.png

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Odum, GA

windstream dsl

I am paying windstream for 6 mbps and they can not supply this. been paying for the upgrade for close to a year. i don't even get 1 mgps. they are telling me we are in an outage and do not know when it wiil be repaired. i have small business and can't even print an address label for about a month. If I go to their website and put in my zipcode they say it is available in my area and I can purchase it. lol I am at my wits end with this,

Landrum, SC

Re: windstream dsl

Yeah. I get the same thing. Every time I call about slow speeds, the tell me it's because I need to upgrade to 6 megs. I've subscribed to it 4 different times, I can't get it. And then it's a living hell trying to get the bill fixed. They really are idiots.



Re: windstream dsl

Whatever they say there speed is- take that as half or less- they are lier's
The RV park I live in has a supposedly 12 meg line - but even if no one is on it you will be lucky to get 3.
Windstream needs to be replaced by a company that will provide what they say they will give you.
But until there's a new player in town they will continue to screw everyone.

Landrum, SC

Re: windstream dsl

I agree. I think the only reason they are around is because they are good at monopolizing areas.

Re: windstream dsl

I used to work for Windstream . Customer services in particular. Our training and guidance was to up sell every caller. Our jobs depended on it. No matter why you called in I had to craft my interpretation of your problem to present a sales opportunity. Oh its slow? Subscribe to a higher speed. If you were not receptive to that solution or another product its likely that your call was sent to the limbo of waiting for the next department to try and sell you something else. Basically if your not buying you gotta get off my phone so I can pitch the next customer. I know you have problems but I have to keep my job. Sad but true.

Landrum, SC

Re: windstream dsl

I only get a 3mbps service. They always tell me that my latency is because I don't have 6mbps, which I know is total BS because they're different things, but I also know that 3mbps is total crap, so I've subscribed to it 4 different times when they sell it to me, and I can't get it. They say I'm too far away from the DSLAM. But they are too lazy to change it in the computer, so every single time I call, it's the same stuff. I'm told it's slow, I can get 6mbps, I subscribe, I don't get it, I tell them I can't get it, they still charge me anyways, I have to argue about my bill, slow service, call, told it's slow, I can get 6mbps...etc, etc.



Daily Internet disconnects

I receive daily internet disconnects with Windstream and I too have no other options for internet service at my location in Jasper, GA. Will live here 6 months then move and will literally choose my location that will NOT be requiring Windstream. Their answer, 'working on the problem' so obviously they do not know how to repair their outages. Goes out every night about 9:30 and will stay off from 10 minutes to sometimes over an hour. Writing VP at headquarters and county. Need internet for my work! Extremely frustrating unfortunately.



Re: Daily Internet disconnects

I'd consider using your 3G/4G smartphone service with tethering to be well worth the $20/mo extra. Or find a free app to do it. I've used FoxFi with mixed results via Verizon.