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  • Location: Ball Ground,Cherokee,GA
  • Cost Contract price not specified.
Good "Nothing"
Bad "Dsl down everyday for 2 weeks"
Overall "Same story that appears to be happening all over. Crap service."
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DSL down everyday for the last 2 weeks Iwork from home and this issue has been ongoing since before Christmas. This costs more than just the phone bill. My neighbor said he just quite calling because nothing changes.
Pay for 3mb package and this is what I get. Garbage.

Located in Canton/Ball Ground Ga area.

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lodged 2.1 years ago


Canton, GA

RE: DSL down everyday for the last 2 weeks

In the North Georgia area, Windstream has been working on a series of hardware and configuration upgrades. The times you have been down have occurred mainly at night, often after 9:30pm. I was also having the same problem and it took several false starts on my support calls before I was able to isolate the problem to a Windstream router. A couple of heated calls to support, and a final conversation with a manager finally revealed that they were trying to get these updates done during the night hours to minimize impact to the customers. Unfortunately I work at night, for IBM, so I was impacted every single time. Some of these down times have been only 30 minutes in length, with some lasting as long as 4 hours. Unfortunately there is no equipment redundancy at the level they are working at, so there is no way to avoid the down time. I hope this helps explain what is going on.



Re: RE: DSL down everyday for the last 2 weeks

very helpful, we've had the same thing going on here, failure nightly like you said. Hopefully it won't last long, as we've considered satellite with windstream as backup only, a cost of $50/mo extra.