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Six Month Rating

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Review by MADasHELL2 See Profile

  • Location: Alto,Habersham,GA
  • Cost: $87 per month
Good "Not much"
Bad "Only ISP available in most of their areas. DSL speeds not consistent."
Overall "If you have a choice of another provider you should consider looking elsewhere."
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Install Co-ordination:
Connection reliability:
Tech Support:
Value for money:
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Windstream is not a solid ISP. They have bad bandwidth bottlenecks that are not being upgraded or at least they are not being upgraded fast enough to meet the demand of the oversold DSL. This means during peak internet usage times there will be high latency and slow download speeds. It didn't use to be like this but they have been pushing hard for more DSL sales and probably higher speeds which all eat away at the available bandwidth through the bottlenecks they have.

They only offer 12Mbs download as their top speed in most areas. The upload rate is only 768Kbs unless you have a business DSL line but that is still only 1Mbs.

Their tech support reads from scripts. They are never any help unless you need to know how to reset your modem.

The modem equipment they offer is typically pretty bad stuff.

If there was another ISP offered in my neighborhood I would have changed long ago!

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