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Review by Hokie51 See Profile

  • Location: Ashland,Boyd,KY
  • Cost: $63 per month (month by month)
  • Install: about 10 days
Good "Nothing"
Bad "Worked fair for 4 months then reverted to dialup speeds"
Overall "Stay away - far away"

I switched from Time Warner Cable (20MB) to Windstream 6 MB based on price about 5 months ago. For about 4 months it was tolerable. I could tell the latency was worse but for most use it was fine. About mid-December I started experiencing complete outages in the evenings. I still had a DSL signal but no IP address. Over the Christmas holiday the speeds dropped to dial-up range and have remained there. When I call Windstream technical support all they can say is that there is a "latency outage" in my area. It is obvious that the have installed ridiculously low speed caps to keep their piece of crap system from completely crashing.

It seems that Windstream puts a lot more effort and money into sales that they do into infrastructure to support their customer base. Their service is a joke. That is why I will no longer be a customer of this company run by buffoons for very long.

Updated: 3/10: I switched to Roadrunner in January and am consistently getting the speed I am paying for (15/1). The price is essentially the same as I was paying for Windstream's advertised 6/.75 that was really 0.2/0.5.

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Greensburg, KY

windstream is a joke

The ol' latency outage. Yes, I've been haunted by that just outside of Greensburg, KY since November 2011. That was the month I started taking screenshots of my speedtest results in hope of some type of legal action against this insanely horrible company. Unfortunately, nothing has come of it since apparently they have the right to provide whatever speeds they want to for their customers with no minimum. They continue to charge regular prices for 3mbps that I'm suppose to be getting, but everyday I get about 20% of that speed. My speed used to hit 45ms latency and 3mbps around 3 a.m. but now the best it has ever reached is 109ms and 2.4mbps. The BBB nor the FCC really did anything about besides forwarding my complaint then relaying the response from Windstream back to me. Windstream has no competition on my area so they may never fix this outage. I mean Nov 2011, it's January 2013 now. Go back to literally any company that you can. No matter the price. I'd hate to move outta my nice, quiet neighborhood because of internet, but I suppose it's come to that.



Re: windstream is a joke

Same story in Clarkesville, Ga. Avoid these liars. And shame on
the FCC for allowing them to make promises they can't keep. I moved form MAryland to Georgia. I thought I lived in the Internet Boonies in Maryland! Windstream puts new meaning to the words.



Same story in Espanola, NM

Here is one of my better results, .76 mb/s down, should be 6 mb.
»speedtest.net/result/2416645787. ··· 5787.png
I was told that it will be February 15 at the soonest until anything is done.

Ashland, KY

Re: Same story in Espanola, NM

I got 0.5 MBPS this morning. That is the highest speed I have had in a week. It didn't last long though.



Same thing In Mn

Ever since windstream took over our area the speeds have dropped. They have no competition here, as well. The last 6 months has been horrible to say the least. I am paying for 12 MB service.....the speed test tonight put me at about 1 MB. After talking with them they said our development is having troubles and at 1st they said it would be repaired in mid December, now they say maybe late spring....MAYBE. I don't think its the equipment, I think they have capped the speed lower than what is being paid for. Its not just this development but the whole town is slow. I do believe the Attorney General will be getting a letter about this from multiple people here....not that they will do anything but, this is absolute fraud. They always are able to take your money when its bill time. The person in the office said that I can pay online now.....if you can get online, then laughed. What horrible service for almost $90 a month for dial-up speed.