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Review by sierge See Profile

  • Location: Glasgow,Barren,KY
  • Cost Contract price not specified.
Good "Nothing! "
Bad "Horrible service, slow speeds, unreliable."
Overall "If your in Glasgow go to the cable instead because the pricing is better. Same money a lot more speed and reliability"
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When this was Altell the DSL was awsome but since it became Windstream it has declined steadly. I am paying for 6 meg but have rarely seen anything close to this for quite some time now. Even posting here on the forum doesn't help improve the service and they have had to give me credit for lack of service.

For what I am paying I can get 20 meg from the cable company and even with their worst case loading people see 11 meg. I cannot stand Windstream anymore and will be switching.

If you are in the Glasgow, KY area DO NOT USE WINDSTREAM as their service is terrible. I will also be dropping my phone line because I have a cell phone so who needs this kind of agravation from a company that does not care about their customers!

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Greensburg, KY

glasgow, ky

I'm in Donansburg, in Green co. I have no options, but Windstream so they keep overselling this area and on a daily basis my speed gets between 20% and 40% of the speed we're actually paying for, which means it's usually at 0.65Mbps and 150+ ms latency. I helped my dad move to Glasgow last week, with no intentions of letting him sign up with Windstream. He's on with the electric plant board, the minimum package 10Mbps, and never above 55ms. Bundled with his TV, 10Mbps is costing him 29.99 while I'm here paying for this ripoff service at $50 per month with Windstream. It's sickening.
Glasgow, KY

Re: glasgow, ky

I agree they are a ripoff and it doesn't matter who you complain to about it nobody will take action against them. Not even the FCC who is the government agency that could do something about them.

Greensburg, KY

Re: glasgow, ky

Exactly. I've already went through the BBB and FCC. They both did the same thing, forwarded a complaint letter to Windstream offices and then sent their response to me saying sorry for the inconvenience. The end. No help to consumers at all.