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Review by Spewed See Profile

  • Location: Joaquin,Shelby,TX
  • Cost: $60 per month (12 month contract)
Good "Absolutely nothing"
Bad "Every single thing imaginable."
Overall "Do not buy Windstream, even if your only other option is dial up. Trust me, dial up is quicker."
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Windstream has been the most terrible experience that I have EVER had with an ISP PERIOD! We've been having latency issues for the past 6 months or longer. They had no intention of reporting the latency outage, instead I had to repeatedly call tech support, finally they send a tech to my home. He relies on my suggestion that the central location is being over utilized, leaves and formulates his conclusion "It's over utilized".

I repeatedly call about the issue, after 3 months of hounding them religiously they decided to give a timeline for it's resolution, which was to be December 31st of 2012, that day came and went with no resolution. I call back, they give me a date in January, that day also comes and goes without rectifying the situation. I call once again, the techs on the telephone laugh at me as I speak to them, claim the technicians do not have the "equipment" to provide a fix.(UH WHAT?) Delay it until June 30th, obviously just to get me off of their back. I'm also getting the same old excuse that everyone else on this board is getting "We're upgrading to fiber in your area". The alleged upgrade is taking place 15 miles away from my home, which is the only place you will see Windstream vehicles, as I see it 15 miles away my home has nothing to do with my area, where you will never see a Windstream truck.

Everyone at Windstream is aware of the issue, and downright refuses to fix it. The techs laugh at you, mock you and lie to you. After further investigation on these boards it appears that this is the business model that Windstream has set up for it's self, and plans to incorporate throughout their daily dealings because as they see it we, the consumers cannot do anything about it and so far that remains to be the case. However, I have been seriously contemplating contacting a lawyer and taking them to small claims court, or contacting the department of consumer affairs and having them get involved.

I'm a Nursing student in college and have tons of homework to be done online. Some of that homework counts towards our "Clinical time", you do not submit the homework and you are counted absent, once 3 absences have occurred you are then kicked out of the program. So far, Windstream has caused me 2 absences. I'm in my final semester, and would be extremely angry and DEFINITELY contact a lawyer over another absence. When you tell the techs this they laugh, when you call corporate they do nothing but provide empathy and claim they will do something.

This is the most atrocious business I have ever encountered in my years of living. Hands down, Windstream takes the cake. I could provide a better business model with a simple evacuation of my bowels than the collective brain at Windstream. Most times my Internet is under dial up speeds. They guarantee at least half of the speed you pay for, I pay for 3.0 mbps, I get less than 0.24 mbps on a good day. Most days speed testing sites wont even load. "Configuration load failed". F*CK this, F*CK windstream. I'd rather drown in my own vomit than continue their service.

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Atlanta, GA

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After 3 days of barely working, today it's what it should be.

I've had the runaround with them myself. Been working from "home" for 3 days and monitoring, have to juggle what I do around how well it works on any given day.

Good luck with nursing school, it will be well worth it, my wife is a clinician and "signs off" on patients etc., often from home, or checking records etc while "on call". We need this to work.

If this wasn't a rural area I'd have switched long ago and part of me wishes sit would just stop working altogether and then I'd have to try alternatives.

A couple of hours later;

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Joaquin, TX

Re: Maddening

I wish I could have switched along time ago. They were great for a couple of years, and of course like everyone elses story they gradually turd into a pile of garbage and neglect their consumers.

When they sell you the Internet they make you believe you're getting sortve speed guarantee. They claim to guarantee that you get half of the speed you pay for, well.. When you call the corporate office to lodge your complaint exclaiming you're supposed to be getting half according to the sales representatives, they then tell you "Well, our Internet is not regulated, so that's not true".

Okay, so you're falsely advertising on PURPOSE? Then when an issue arises you have no response to rectify the situation. Their business model is disgusting and I hope it winds up biting them in the ass one day. A bankrupt Windstream would appease me, subsequently, a sued Windstream would be even better. I've contemplated getting a lawyer, but I feel it's a waste of time.