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Review by tsOhio See Profile

  • Location: Quaker City,Guernsey,OH
  • Cost: $60 per month
Good "Better than dial up during non-peak hous"
Bad "They seem to oversell every area they are in with no upgrading or solutions"
Overall "Only get them if they are your only choice. You will be switching otherwise"
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Install Co-ordination:
Connection reliability:
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For over a YEAR windstream has been aware that they oversold in my area. I was under the impression it was just my area as I am in a rural neighborhood. But after looking at the other reviews on here it seems their business model is to go into markets with no competition and sell sell sell until the equipment can't handle the traffic anymore and then ignore their customers complaints since they have no alternative to switch too. And since most people in rural communities are not used to broadband internet, they just assume that's how it works.

I was told they had a scheduled date to fix this issue in august 2012, then December, then January, then they told me June 2013, and the very last time i contacted them they told me they didn't have a fix scheduled anymore and they didn't know when or if it would happen.

Oversold areas and overworked DSLAMS seem to be the common complaint with windstream on this site. Don't go with them unless they are your only option, otherwise you will probably end up switching due to lack of speed during peak hours. I pay for 12 and get between 2-9 during the day and between 0.2 - 0.7 from 6-midnight EVERY NIGHT and pretty much all weekend.

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Joaquin, TX

Sounds about right!

Get used to it. This is Windstreams business model, by reading these threads that becomes painfully apparent. They have the same tactic for every single consumer experiencing the same exact issue. They have no plans to fix yours, if they've told you, they're lying. Just get used to that from these guys. They're from Arkansas, and apparently rednecks have no place running a business.

One thing I find peculiar is that in my particular case SOMETIMES they tell me that they do not have the equipment to fix the issue in my area. What the hell is that? Why kind of company doesn't have the equipment to fix their own equipment? That makes absolutely no sense to me.