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Review by kelso41129 See Profile

  • Location: Catlettsburg,Boyd,KY
  • Cost Contract price not specified.
Bad "Just got 12mb first day great next day max speed 2.0mb 1.13-3.0mb max on 12mb"
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Dont get your internet here!!!! We had 3mb and it kept dropping day after day time after time again. We called and they said we could go to 12mb for same price so we tried it but it took 2 weeks to get everything even close to working right. First they never switched us from the old PINS in the phone system to run high speed thats why we kept dropping on the 3mb so if you have problems the prob have you on the old out dated CISCO PINS which is what they have to change in their office in your own area. Long story short you do not get what they are charging you for. We had download speed over 12mb the first day then after that it dropped on speed tests to 1.14mb - 3.13mb the very next day. They tell you its great for gaming but no matter if you have 3mb or 12mb the upload is a max between 0.60 - 0.70mb and gaming needs 1.0mb - 1.5mb upload. If you already have their service I think I would ask for more off my bill every month since your never getting what you pay for. We called and all they could say is we have latency issues in that area and that means they do not have enough fiber optics ran here to support the internet the sold to everyone so we just have to wait til they run more and its winter now so I know it will be a while if they even sink the money into getting us what we are paying for. I will be going to cable in the next few days, we already set an appt up during the time we were having so much trouble with Windstream in the first place.

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