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Review by kcharles125 See Profile

  • Location: Lincoln,Lancaster,NE
  • Cost: $60 per month
Good "Nothing"
Bad "Everything about this company. Take a look at how they run theyre company, especially financial."
Overall "Avoid at all cost! Activism needs to happen, Windstream needs to be put to the chopping block!"
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Previous customer with WiFi/land line telephone, promised 6mbps upon sign up, never got above 2.75mbps, wih the norm just above 1.26. Land line is chock full of dropped calls both incoming, and outgoing, constant static-popping-echos, and so forth. This is from 2009 to 2012.

Now share said service with roommate, in his name. We were promised 13mbps, we have never gotten above 1.75mbps, with 0.45 going out, the WiFi does not work 99% of the time, I kid you not, we have been a customer since Nov. 2012 and have yet to recieve a bill, have called several times about all of this with no help. I actually had a guy laugh at me over the phone.

This company does not have a sound business model, has no financial responsibility, refuses to update they're Infrastructure, they are dishonest, and they prey upon monopolies, and what they deem as stupid people.

Avoid this company at all cost, like the plague, even if they have a monopoly in your area resist the urge to try, or keep them, take a portion of that bard earned money, and drive to a.WiFi hotspot, heck you will have money for food, or whatever.

I fully Intend to write reviews, tell everyone I know and meet, and actively picket this company. I hope, and pray they're risky business practices in the market bites them hard, and they go out of business. Let the banner fly, and the horns sound, America, let's drive this horrible company out.

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Windstream is scum

Agree with almost all you said, but you're wrong about one thing. This company has a solid business model. Don't be naive. Here is what they are doing.

They are throttling back speeds (especially weeknights after 7pm & weekends) because in doing so they use less bandwidth and data. They purchase their bandwidth from nearby data centers, so every month they have to make payments for what is used. Less data used = lower payments for them, meanwhile they are charging customers the same price no matter what. This = a vast increase in profits for them. Its robbery, make no mistake about it.

Windstream is smart like a fox in that they usually service areas where they have little to no competition from other service providers. So they really don't care if they piss off their customers. They aren't worried about losing customers. Not enough to make a difference in their bottom line anyway. Their thought process is "where they gonna go?"

That my friend IS their business model. They are scum, but they are no different from any other rural service provider who does the same thing. The instant they get competition Windstream will sell the entire company to a larger provider like AT&T and laugh all the way to the bank. Hell, they're laughing all the way to the bank right now.