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Review by Raymcc See Profile

  • Location: Clayton,Rabun,GA
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So I read a post here that said if you downgraded your service you could fix the connection issues. I had 3MB rock solid for years until Alltel sold to Windstream, then Windstream offered me 6MB DSL. No end of problems ever since, multiple tech support calls just to get it working, then often it barely worked and techs to the house etc., Last tech said I should consider myself lucky to have internet in NE Georgia and I was at the edge of the network which was his last input into why it didn't work, after checking the wiring in the house, all fine as I knew, swapping out the perfectly good existing modem etc.,

So I changed the service to 3MB and hey presto, solid service again. I hope this helps other people. Unbelievable I had to research this myself, and was basically lied to by Windstream all along by many people. In principle I would normally boycott a company for this and had this not worked I would have tried other options but I want to keep the phone line active as it's how my monitored alarm system is monitored. Which is really the only reason I haven't gone to cable, and I have ran ethernet cable through the walls etc. from a central point. 3MB does for now, but it's hardly sufficient for the future.

Was told, a several week long "outage" they argued with me about how long it was out and when I called in, I got a $15 credit or something, I just wanted it working. Then it was a bad PIN etc., NO, it was offering a service level you cannot provide. If you'd just been honest you'd have saved us both hassle.

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Wister, OK

I wish I could say everything you said was not accurate.

But having Windstream is a problem here in Oklahoma too... My opinion is ..... there is no competition. No one will cross over into someones else territory..... I consider it a monopoly...We are bound to a service, just because "they installed the phone lines" or go and pay three times for the same bad quality.
Amazing to me is in this day and time, why are we tethered to a phone line? I haven't been to MIT or have a degree... but this is ridiculous.