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Review by Xander See Profile

  • Location: London,Laurel,KY
  • Cost Contract price not specified.
Good "No Data caps,Decent support.Very good and dependable phone service."
Bad "Over priced for the speed.Some CSR's are rude.Slow at getting things done."
Overall "Decent ISP over all."
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In my area Windstream has always provided the service that was offered.There has been some outages,that could not be helped.Its the nature of the internet,you will have outages,so thats not really a con.Out of 5 years i have been with Windtream i have only had 2 outages and 1 failed modem,the issues were always resolved with a decent amount of time.

I also think the price is a little to much for the speed.Windstream has recently upgraded there equiptment in my area (London Ky)which i am thrilled to see.So far my 24Mbps has been working very well,i had few minor issues with the service when it was first installed,after a few tweaks it all worked out well.The installer did a sloppy job in my NID,i did have to go back and clean it up,it was no big deal though.Other than that i can not complain.My services are working and is decent and i do get what i pay for and a little extra.


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London, KY


You must live right in the heart of London I live out East 80 about 4 miles and the service sucked so bad I moved over to TWC fought with Windstream for over 3 years trying to get a 3 meg service to give something other then dialup speeds there is even fiber cable run right through my area back in 2010 but it does not feed our dslam which I'm about 2000 feet from. I'm glad you have good service must be nice.

London, KY

Re: dsl

No,i am actually off Hwy 229 near the dollar general store,that is also about 3 miles.I am about 0.5 miles from the DSLAM and 2900' from the CO.I have just moved here into this house,but even when i lived 4 more miles down hwy 229 near Benges Gro. my 12Mbps service was great.From what i read on the forums daily i guess you can say i am lucky.
I have just switched from Time Warner,which i didn't like because the cable service sucked,the HD was shit and the cable box rebooted every hour.I called TwC for a truck roll it took them a week and they didn't fix the issue.The problem was i am in the former New Wave area as they say...London wasn't even the Lobby i used they had me use the Corbin,Ky Lobby.I was even routed through Corbin.Just a lot of problems,they couldn't even get my Account info correct.
Anyhow from what i hear Windstream is deploying DLSAMs every 6000' in London,Ky they have already started,i am on one now.Also i hear that the latest DSLAM there building is over on Sallys Branch Road.As mad as you were at Windstream over your speeds (i have read your post before) i would swicth back when they get the new DSLAM up and running.My service is very good and the congestion is only 45%.My latency has never been above 50Ms even during peak hours,and i usually test 25-27Mbps on my speed test.Here lately my latency has even got better,the ping test shows 25-30Ms and the routing is also ok 9 Hops to google and never over 33Ms per HOP.There is another location in London where my friend lives (Hwy 363) He says his speed and Latency has improved by Far.


London, KY

Re: dsl

Actually I think a new dslam was constructed next to the old one I can almost see it from my house I did contact Windstream but they say 3 meg is the best I can get which I find ludicrous they tell me that i'm on the very edge of 3 meg service I really don't know who to contact to get this fixed. So far TWC broadband has been great I have the 15/1 service and always get that speed or better I have been with them since June 2010 no problems so far I also are in the Newwave area and am serviced out of Corbin and your right the TV end is much to be desired.