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Review by rich13 See Profile

  • Location: undisclosed location
  • Cost Contract price not specified.
Good "4 years in past"
Bad "peak hour speeds are really bad"
Overall "might be forced to go to wireless"

Windstream was good for 4 years in saint matthews sc only tiny trouble at rare times . but since 2013 start of february the connection fell apart at peak hours . so far out of the 9 calls that i have made i have been told was new fiber lines was the cause . then it was we oversold on your line i believe that one . then it was we are putting in new Dsam and lines . and finally after digging call after call was told wouldn't have 3 mbps again until the first of april 2013 . that would be ok if had a somewhat decent connection but at peak hours reads like this 0.12 mbps 117 - 312 ping or worst so bad can hardly open a web page at peak hours . then returns to normal around 12 am full 3 mbps on test . so march will be a i am gonna pull my hair out at times speed nightmare . but thing is i don't even trust them at all on the april return to normal speed date . so i have found Millenicom wireless a bit high priced but seems like worth a try replacement if windstream fails to do what it said . any advice about the change if happens is welcome or a better wireless option . in short i don't hate windstream but i do believe there sloppy and do lowest cost repairs they can and noway i can believe what they say . if i do go wireless it might be a low but good enough or awesome speed compared to windstream but i will be free of them .

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Terrible Windstream DSL

I am not sure where to go from here with our VERY POOR internet service from Windstream...During high usage times, it may take 2-3 minutes to open a 50 kb e-mail.

Can companies like this provide such poor service? Is there anyone that is monitoring businesses like this? We do not have any other option...no cable in our subdivision.

We have called Windstream service so many times, the service engineers say there is nothing else they can do. They directed us to a "loyalty team"...Was directed to call 866.445.5880...my wife called them and they said they do not have enough bandwidth to service our subdivision.

Anyone know who we should call next?


Re: Terrible Windstream DSL

wed - 20th - feb - 2013 - time 8:40pm so bad nothing will work only loads a web page a bit slow is all . no speed test can be run at all . windstream is a really bad isp service calling them helps Zero is a bigger waste of time than there peak hour speeds . come april they are history if this is not fixed . i wont let them tell me april then no sir it's june o sorry it's now august noway . what the hell is wrong with people looking out for the public that they don't look into this and make them get the ball rolling on providing what they say they can for payment .


The exact same. I live on 21 2 miles past caw caw fire department. It started the beginning of February and the worst times are in the afternoon after 6pm. At 8pm I can no longer load any video of any kind, and %90 of the weekends are down now. I called them and have a recording of the person saying they were in breech of contract scene i was getting less than 25% of my bandwidth which is 3mbps. $49.99 a month for that is still insane, but what can you do with no other service... they were suppose to send someone out and check their equipment and call me to tell me what the deal was, but they blew me off cause that was suppose to be 2 day ago and still nothing.

Also they decided to add a service to the bill at an extra $20.99 a month without our consent. We didn't catch it until 1 year and 8 months later... My blood started to boil! It is called "Ultimate Security Pack", no idea what it is, and it is located under services on the bill right under your dsl cost. You must point this out to them within 2 years or you will not get refunded for it.


Try finding windstream in the bbb online and write a complaint, which i expect to be a very bad one. A buddy of mine wrote one for Verizon Wireless one night for a phone they wanted that crapped out after the warranty was up and the next morning got a call from Verizon telling him they would not charge him for the new phone and take the complaint down. I haven't got around to it yet, but i will post it everywhere when i find it.