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Review by UGHWINDSTREM See Profile

  • Location: Aurora,Portage,OH
  • Cost: $15 per month
Good "Very good 24/2 Reliable internet speed"
Bad "Everything I want this company to Rot away.--------( Not anymore this internet is actually good!"
Overall "its not bad if you get the 24'2 at least..."
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High pings low download/ upload... I only get a hour of good service. Very unstable connection... Worst dsl ever...

Update! 4/27/12 I got the 24/2 Service and it rocks! Oh my gosh i don't lag anymore! Ill update the monthly cost when we get the bill. We were told its 5 bucks more! So i hope it is!

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Aurora, OH

Bad internet

Anyone else that lives in Reminderville Ohio.. Quit this company!

Aurora, OH

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Re: Bad internet

The only thing ok about the company is the fact that there online support is decent... But phone sucks



Portage County Latency

Our Windstream ISP has totally sucked for about a month. The personal contact we have came out and switched us to a line that wasn't so dirty, but it only lasted a couple of weeks (Only person who does his job there, but he is helpless otherwise. Windstream claims that they are suffering a "Latency" and it could take weeks for it to be fixed in northern Portage county. At times I have no e-mail. At times IE is corrupted and won't run. Most of the time Chrome works, but the system goes down a minimum of once a day. Lot of modem unplugging, especially at night. We are getting robbed since Netflix obviously cuts out, and it is rare to get through an entire show. The worst is when the computer will not boot up at all. Can't even open Excel. I almost took the computer in for service then found out that Windstream is at fault. Shame on them. No notification of this problem has ever been sent, but they always send the billing!


Lexington, KY

Re: Portage County Latency

The worst is when the computer will not boot up at all. Can't even open Excel. I almost took the computer in for service then found out that Windstream is at fault.
You have a crappy computer riddled with unknown problems. You point out that it's all Windstreams fault because someone told you about "latency".
Latency is a measurement of the time that it takes to process a packet of information, send it to the intended and recieve a reply from that recipient. That's all. However, rather than take the computer to a repair shop to have checked, you made an assumption.

Internet access is a complex set of instructions to the processor inside that tells it to use this certain language, connect on this port, talk on this channel, receive on this channel, and so forth. The commands are plentiful and invisible to the user. Used to be otherwise; remember when the modem squeal was the first thing you heard after clicking on the AOL icon?
If your computer fails to boot, I can pretty much guarantee that it's not because of Windstream. In fact, 99% of the time, the real cause is the user himself, by going to places on the internet he should not go to (or) by answering emails (for example) offering him some huge amount of money for providing his bank account routing numbers so they can transfer 20 million dollars callously left laying around by a dead prince from Nigeria.

Here's a simple test. ask a friend to bring over his computer and hook it up to your connection.
Try to duplicate the problem.
If you cannot make his computer malfunction,
I'd have to say it's that crappy box that you own.