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Review by Rebel Yell See Profile

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Good "Nothing"
Bad "Have had latency (super slow) speeds at every night for over 6 months"
Overall "Boycott Windstream so they can go f themselves"

Windstream worked great for 5 years. It "was" consistent and stable. For over 6 months, I have had super slow (dial up) speeds "every night" as well as sometimes during days on Sundays and some Saturdays.

I dropped my NetFlix because it is unusuable at night. There is no streaming anything between hours of 5:00 PM and 11:00 PM. In fact, downloading anything is out of question. I have to get up early in morning or stay up late at night just to update pc software such as security software. It is a real drag. I twiddle my thumbs while just trying to check email at night.

Sometimes I get so frustrated, I plug my phone line back into pc and use my old trusty and reliable dial up connection.

Windstream customer service evidently has been taught by the best on how to BULLSHIT a customer to death. In fact, listening to them BS is as hilarious as listening to 456 Congress members talk about "fixing" USA.

I am not wasting time with specs and so on because I am far beyond frustrated. I want to make everyone aware of just how SORRY of a company they have become.

Evidently CEO is making a huge bonus, since profit should high. Keep charging people same price for shotty service and god forbid to spend any of it to repair infrastructure.

I hope they go down in flames just like JC Penney and nearly every other American company that their only objective is for more profit at any expense rather than providing a good product/service and build upon a good reputation. No wonder Japanese companies kicked American companies asses in the electronics and automotive industries.

So WINDSTREAM, what kind of way will you figure out next to keep weasling your way out of updating your equipment. Sell your territories to the highest bidder and pin all of problems on them. Sounds like a brilliant strategy to me. Do you need a new CEO?

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I Actually use Windstream
Orange Springs, FL

They don't care if they go broke

Windstream doesn't care if it goes broke. Those in power will take home the money when it goes belly up. It's planned.