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Review by gwm743 See Profile

  • Location: Jasper,Pickens,GA
  • Cost: $65 per month
Good "service reliability while not good yet, has improved"
Bad "Dishonest practices regarding price for life plan; unreliable service; expensive for what you get"
Overall "only game in town except for satellite"
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I have had Windstream at my mountain cabin for 3 1/2 years. Initially the price was reasonable but the service reliability was horrible. In early to mid 2011 I ordered static IP service from them $20/month for static IP was sort of expensive, but I needed it so I paid. The process of getting the service converted from dynamic IP to static was painfully slow to get provisioned and took multiple phone calls to people that had no clue what they were doing in order to get it completed.

In January 2012 I discontinued the static IP service as I no longer needed it and it was expensive. They informed me it was too much trouble to change my configuration but they would stop charging me for it but not to change my router configuration. I was fine with that. It worked find until 04/21/2014 when they deleted the static IP setup with no notice to me. If they had only emailed me I could have changed my router setup in advance to PPPoE dynamic so that it would have continued working. Since they didn't tell me I lost remote access and was without service for over a month since I was off-site and could not fix the configuration.

Now for my BIG complaint. In late 2013 Windstream called me to inform me that my area had a network upgrade and I now qualified for 12mbs service. They offered to upgrade me to the new speed for only $2 a month and at the same time lock my account on the "price for life" plan so that the rate could never increase. I accepted the offer. I had been paying about $53 a month at that time. The first bill after the upgrade came in at the expected $55 range. By March of 2014 by increasing the surcharges section of the bill they had added about another $1 to bill and I was paying $56/month. Not a big deal, but not a locked price. In May 2014 another $1 showed up and the new total was $57 a month... again, I noticed but did nothing as the increase was still small. In June 2014 the new bill came in and was $64.80. A nearly $10 increase from the "locked" rate I was promised when they "upgraded" my service. The latest increase was mainly by removing an offsetting credit against the federal subscriber line charge (SLC) that I had been receiving.

On June 12, 2014 I called and spoke with a CSR and explained all of the above. The CSR blamed the recent increase on the SLC claiming they had no control over the increase as that is a FCC fee. That is a flat out lie. I have done some research and while the FCC allows telcos to charge the SLC, it is not mandated by the FCC, and in fact telcos are free to absorb the SLC if they so choose. Bottom line is Windstream represented to me that my bill would be locked in with "price for life" and then has used "surcharges and fees" to increase my bill by nearly 20% in just 6 months. I am posting this review here, and also considering a complaint to the FTC

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Jasper, GA

Changes to situation

After doing some research and arming myself with information from the FTC, as well as information from Windstreams own web site, I called back on June 19, 2014 and asked for a supervisor. The CSR that took my call said she had to hear my issues before transferring me to a supervisor, so I gave her the whole story above. She started by giving me the same "company line" as the previous CSR did on 06/12. I made it clear that I was not going to accept that and that I knew the SLC was not required by the FCC and that it was Windstreams choice to start charging (stop issuing the line item credit) me that fee. I also pointed out that their own web site touts "Don't worry about your bill going up" on the price for life page. It makes no mention of the guarantee being only for the service line item. It says your "bill". She then agreed to issue a credit of $6.50 for the current month and then a $10/month credit going forward for the next 12 months. I found her to be quite helpful within the restrictions that her employer places on her. I will have to fight again in 12 months, but at least for now my bill will actually drop back to around what I was paying or maybe even a dollar less than what I was paying when I accepted their "price for life" offer.