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Review by spewak See Profile

  • Location: Elk Grove,Sacramento,CA
  • Cost: $120 per month
Good "Internet"
Bad "Expensive IPTV/Cancelled it"
Overall "No longer doing TriplePlay/voice and internet only"
Pre Sales information:
Install Co-ordination:
Connection reliability:
Tech Support:
Value for money:

• What other options did you consider for broadband
A) None. Always wanted Surewest.

• What SPEED/package did you order, at what monthly price?
A) Originally ordered the 10/10 but was informed that the 20/20 was available for $51 a month for the year. Of course, went with the 20/20!

• How was the order & install process?
A) Seamless. All the Utility companies marked their underground cables the same day that Surewest came out to bury the Fiber to the side of the house. Next day service was installed.

• What brand/model was the supplied equipment?
A) Residential Gateway and APC setup. House brand DVR.

• What good or bad experiences most struck you?
A) None really. Everything went smooth and service is well, fast! I realize it has only been a day, but I am excited like a schoolgirl!

*UPDATE* 11/16/08
All three parts of the Triple-play are going strong.
The DVR is functioning better than it was prior to several updates being applied.
The Tech support and Service reps are attentive to the needs of the customer.

*UPDATE* 06/25/09
Well, Surewest topped themselves by lowering the cost of their tiers and raising speeds.
I just got the upgraded 25/25 speed tier, it is fantastic! More HD channels being added soon.

*UPDATE* 01/15/10
Just had the new MediaRoom dvr and two STB's installed. The channel switching is fast. Watching recorded programs from other rooms works flawlessly.
Much better than old DVR.

*UPDATE* 5-19-10
Well, my time with the video portion of Surewest is at an end. I purchased an HD LCD tv and hooked up the STB with an HDMI cable only to have to go round and round with Tech Support and finally realizing (their engineers that is) that only Component cables will work as the STB does all the processing. I am tired of being the Guinea pig for Surewest video. The Tech support person said just wait, there are updates coming. Well, after hearing that for two years, I am done! Directv here I come.
I just made the switch to Directv and couldn't be happier.

*UPDATE* 10-11-13
Upgraded to the 50meg speed tier. Could not be happier. Tried to have the TV portion of the service installed, no joy at all. They do not have half the HD channels that Directv does.

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