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Review by jadebangle See Profile

  • Location: Olathe,Johnson,KS
  • Cost: $70 per month
  • Install: about 10 days
Good "FIOS is already here and its about time, both att and comcast is obsolete compared to surewest and verizon fios"
Bad "only available in select area like CA and KS, 50mbps expensive, 100mbps not offered"
Overall "The future broadband is already here where I am and was surprised with all the digging and advertisement"
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may 2, 2011
i now have 25mbit for 69.99
do the math!
fios is fast and is bidirectional
1/1, 15/15, 25/25, 50/50
47.00, 57.00, 79.99, 219.99
they try to charge more if you dont have tv or phone service
what up with that?
this is mess up..
this sucks
louisiana lyafette is like 25/25 at 35.00
35/35 for 45.00
50/50 for 55.00

i would love 25mbit for 35.00 or 50mbit for 55.00
that acceptable charges
but 47 buck for 1mbit to 219 dollar for 50mbit is ridiculouos!!!

that 3 time more for 50mbit
wtf? i have to pay 140 dollars more for another 25mbit
no way!!!
the speed package for 50mbps is 219 dollars???
prevously it was 192.00
we expect the price to be around 99.00 even at tis price its already a premium aka high prices... 219??!!?!??! for 50mbit no thank you
this is absurd
this company is in it to make money not provide good service and acceptable charges

It is now april 2 2011:
10 56 am
the speed is now 25 mbps
i get about 3125kb/sec
50 mb is now 199.99
100mb is not available
expensive speed for fios is not so good
i heard that in japan, korea, taiwan, china sweden
100mbit and 1gbps for 40 bucks to 100 bucks
50mbit for 199.99 from surewest is a bit much. is okay for fios but not great
i call tech support and billing department and they have no clue what is going on and not courteous it seem the staff are untrained and are poorly at what they do.
1mbit for 47.00???? you kidding me???
was 29.99 now 47.00 and extra charging after awhile is bad business practice
it seem their not trying to save us money and only trying to make us pay more then necessary!

poorly trained monkey in tech support and customer support i would switch to a better company if their is any.

i have better tech support and billing issues with comcast and att
so much for having better technology!!!

update march 9,2010

20mbps in both direction is not bad for 70 a month.
speed test that is most accurate to my connection
»www.everestkc.net/trailblazeomet ··· eometer/
google everestkc.net for more information
50mbps in both direction for 192.00, its 135 dollars more for an increase of 30mbps
no thanks!
hopefully the speed is here to stay lol
In the near future when i saved enough money i'm going 50mbps for at least a year
speed is fun indeed if you know how to use it properly
for many it isn't anymore useful then a 1mbit connection!
why waste 50mbps on stuff that require little bandwidth like chatting on the internet?
even dialup is sufficient for these kind of internet junkie
hopefully this review get so big that you need lot of patience to read it all
I would love 50mbps but the price are unreasonable high for this tier
If 100mbps are offered in the near future then 50mbps maybe the next best thing after 20mb. 100mb will be a luxury tier and 50mb will become the standard for most subscriber.
I just wish they get rid of 1,5,10 and go with 20,50 and 100mbps or 10,20,and 50mb if 100mb are not offered.
These price have been set for the last 2 or 3 years and it hasn't change ever since.
It is available to many because fiber is considered next generation technology and the few that can get it has to pay through the roof just like with blue-ray or blu-ray bad spelling for a useless next generation dvd format.
Until most have anything faster then me I have no reason to complain about 20mbps at 70 a month

Not everyone is going to need a 50mbps but it can make internet surfing more fun for those who loves to brag about it and able to do more with highest speed available currently

5/13/09 how did i get the date wrong? was 10/13/09, changed to 5/13/09 must be a typo
It seem that at 5mbps the provisional are decent 600kb/sec in both direction
at 10mbps its ok too... and at 20mbps or higher it get worse 2400kb/sec, 1900kb/sec
Decided to go with 10mbps again cause I couldn't stand 5mbps
I get about 1200kb/sec in both direction which is about the max you can pull off
These are left blank intentionally to separate event.
april25,2009: There is no better alternative! There isn't I would have to move to japan, sweden, netherland to have anything close to what surewest offers
The only complaint I have with surewest is the higher tier being much higher priced that any other broadband in the USA 91.99 dollars and 191.99 dollars is way above anything we have seen... if you can afford that, you can brag all you want LOL
If you bundle you will get a little discount but its usally 5 bucks... not a big deal eh?
enjoy life while you're at it. remember that the rest of the world is behind in broadband technology fiber is the future! copper, dsl, cable is yesterday's news! ENJOY
april 7,2009: i have decided to downgrade to 5mbit and the upload isn't much slower about 600kb/sec vs 1000kb/sec at 10mbit and 1900kb/sec at 20mbit
i guess the higher you go the more you lose in performance
The thing is i am not really frenzy about speed anymore as i use to be
1mbit is 29.99 and its cheaper but speed leave somedthing to be desired
i would go for it if it was 3mbit that in my opinion is a ripoff for 1mbit
for 1mbit i think 9.99 would be make more sense
2mbit for 19.99
3mbit for 29.99 their pricing are so inconsistent
I prefer 5mbit over anything faster as of right now because..
1. its a ripoff
2. it way over my budget

march 7 2009: I got some good news and bad news
Download and upload are not symmetrical! its still asymmetrical!
Its 10/8 or 20/16 or 5/4... etc... upload are only 80 percent of advertised speed
I was told download and upload the same but it was not this is where i am disappointed... bummer.
The good news is that speed are awesome
The bad news is that its quite expensive the faster you want to go
Who would be crazy to pay 91.99 or 191.99 a month for 20 and 50mbps?
Even 53.99 for 10mbps is too much for most ppl
This is where surewest fail if they were to compete with verizon fios they would not survive. They would lose all their customer to Verizon Fios.
Surewest 5/5 and 1/1 blows Verizon 20/5 and 10/2 is far better... for the same price
In America speed doesn't matter, its the money that matter the most. Company are not competing for speed but to see who can charge the most for faster speed!
Ok.. I'm tired of this silly games where we the consumer has to foot most the bill and their is no end in sight. I thought that we the consumer are the one who should choose how much to pay a month but instead company can charge whatever they can get away with and some would pay anything for faster connection. why can't we have fast connection and affordable? in usa fast affordable never existed and probably will always be slow and cheap or fast and expensive. 50mbps and 100mbps are still a dream pipe few can have or afford to even receive this kind of tier. Of course surewest will not charge less because att, comcast, roadrunner can charge more and get away with it too. Its business as usual. the more you pay the more they make? only in america where profit matter the most, satisfaction is nonexistent

Update:2/22/09 My personal thought on fios super high speed internet connection:
I will be updating daily to keep up with my service for those who are curious as to how good fios is or are. I would recommend that if you have fios avialable don't hesitate don't wait get web and enjoy true broadband that are the same down and up in both direction
many times faster then dsl or cable. it has potential to grow and pretty soon we should see 100mbps in a year or two. cable and dsl will be left behind in the dust.
Update:2/21/09 so far so good 20mbps is incredibly fast for me with 50mbps i would not be able to saturate it cause their is not enough pipeline to take advantage of this speed
Update:2/20/09 the upgrade to 20mbps was instant but its very hard to saturate this kind of bandwidth on the internet. Most website I download from are less then 20mbps so this is more of a brags rights then a necessity
I may downgrade to 10mbit in a few months cause this 20mbit is just for show and to impress others... I could have gone 50mbps but didn't want to risk paying 192.00 after my 2 months trail or free months. Majority of americans are still using asymetrical connection in my opinion symetrical does not impress them but when they have it they will realize how much easier you can breathe with it. most user worry about upload not big enough but with this kind of connection their is no worry. few have symetrical connection and thats real broadband not the 6/1, 10/1 crap asymetrical that most of us hate so much. i call it leechband or poorman's broadband owned. why the big download and small upload? so you can't share file or upload fast its being done intentionally due to lobbying and copyright law.

Update: 2/19/09 I decided to jump for 20mbps due to wanted to see if higher speed will suit my need I can alway downgrade later but only if I have problems paying 92 a month.
I just checked verizon fios for 20/20 without any package and its 77.00 dollars so it s 15.00 difference. The speedtest doesn't show 20/20 at all it show 20/9 or 20/15 which is odd hopefully this will be fixed maybe due to a lack of bandwidth?

The pricing are as follow...
50mbps 191.99 insane price!
I believe more then double the price and more then I can afford to pay a month. This is 50/50 not 50/20 like verizon most expensive tier which is 139.99 or probably 157.00 without any bundle.

20mbps 91.99 expensive, ripoff
10mbps 53.99 expensive,ripoff
5mbps 39.95 expensive,ripoff
1mbps 29.95 expensive,ripoff

I'm cancelling att 6/678 paying 45.00 a month. att blows they are a ripoff and they suck at billing too something that plagues the usa
There are no usage caps...woohoo but it is more expensive then i thought boohoo.
I am getting two months free so the price vs att is the same after 1 year
Hopefully the pricing for the 20 and 50mbps will come down in a year or so then will upgrade later if needed... What do I think is a fair price for 20, 50mbps?
I believe 39.95 and 49.95 would be fair
That will depend on market price and how many are willing to pay less
Some ppl prefer to pay more for higher speed so its a dreampipe for me to imagine paying less for higher speed
When you compare comcast 6/1, 8/2 for 42.95, 52.95
anything that is a little faster for about the same price will always be better in term of price per megabit

You see I was told 5mbit for 39.95 was plenty of fast for a symmetrical connection.
I am a speed craving maniac and 5/5 is actually still faster then att 6/768 by at least 10 times in term of upstream
That to me is impressive

Verizon Fios 15/15 for 64.95???

See the thing is surewest offer symmetrical connection while Verizon offer semi symmetrical at only one tier...
Thats right...
symmetrical connection in a residential area
pretty impressive right? oh not really since most of the time upload will not be used but it is useful when needed but only on rare occasion ^_^

That's what I see on their website That's not fiber its coaxial cable internet.
Trailblazer 10.0 - 1.0Mbps up to 10.0 Mbps download
Trailblazer 8.0 - 768Kbps up to 8.0 Mbps download
Trailblazer 5.0 - 512Kbps up to 5.0 Mbps download
Trailblazer 1.0 - 384Kbps up to 1.0 Mbps download
»everestkc.com/internet/index.sht ··· ex.shtml
Update: 2/18/09
I would like 20mbps but I would have to shell out an extra 38 dollars
This is very temping lol
Should I or should I not?
The question is very confusing because is 20mbps really more useful then 10mbps
I mean i can easily max it out regardless of mbps
yes i have 2 months free so i may as well go with 20mbps for 2 months then downgrade to 10mbps
i don't know because haven't made up my mind yet but i will update this review to reflect any changes in the future.
Its a hassle to upgrade to 20mbps then downgrade 10mbps
*shakes head*

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