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Review by powerspec88 See Profile

  • Location: Overland Park,Johnson,KS
  • Cost: $150 per month (12 month contract)
  • Install: about 4 days
Good "Amazing speeds and latency 24/7"
Overall "Amazing speeds and latency 24/7"
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December 24 2013

Found out that Surewest does have a 400GB cap, but they will only enforce it if people call in complaining of slow speeds. We do 1-2TB a month without any issues currently. Speeds have still been great, just wish they would bump up the speeds just a bit, paying $146 right now for 50/5 and basic TV.


When first signed up, was in a 1 year contract for ~$140 a month, but after contract was up, price jumped to ~$260 a month. Called and signed up for a new contract plus ordered 2 more HD cable boxes and a newer DVR (with a bigger drive, 320GB now) for ~$150 a month. They have enabled whole home DVR which is very nice, but other than the main DVR box, they can't pause live TV like u-verse. Internet speeds are still amazing, still getting 50/5. Wishing for something faster still, 50Mbps with 3 roommates is not fast enough. User well over 1TB a month and never been told to stop as well. Got a few of my friends that can get Surewest to switch, and they as well say it is far better than TWC/U-verse.

Called the local Surewest office here in Kansas City to setup a time for internet. Wanted to get 50/5 but it was $210 a month, but if we added basic cable, the price dropped to $120 a month for 12 months. Called Monday afternoon and had a appointment for 12-5pm Friday. Guy showed up at around 1pm, ran some line test outside and the local loops inside the house. By 2pm, internet was setup and he stayed to make sure we got the full 50/5 service. Got a Cisco D3010 modem and used my own Linksys 4200 router. Modem connects using 8 downstream channels and 2 upstream. Speeds are 50/5 24/7 and have never dropped below it.

TV service is ok, not the greatest HD picture, it is worse than TWC which we had before. DVR only has a 160GB drive. They say home DVR service is coming soon but no dates yet.

Overall, Surewest has been great for us, internet is FAR better than the 15/1 service I had with TWC and a lot lower latency and less downtime.

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