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Review by Zac See Profile

  • Location: Hanna,AB
  • Cost: $105 per month
  • Install: about 15 days
  • Telco party Telus
Good "Fast, reliable, and good Tech Support."
Bad "Took a couple calls to update our plan, but eventually got done! (see below)"
Overall "Pleased with the support and speed."
Pre Sales information:
Install Co-ordination:
Connection reliability:
Tech Support:
Value for money:
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*******April 25 2003 Update:*******
Called Telus about DSL about the 10th of April... DSL date was the 25th (today) the installer took about 45 minutes total to run a new line to our house and hook up the DSL. I get 1.5mbit down 550 kbit up.. Going to upgrade to the enhanced plan maybe in a week or so... I believe were getting it for about $30 - $35... Dynamic IP. And its EXTREMELY speedy!

Telus has been nothing but good for us. We have a D-Link DSL-300G modem, works great. Hasn't had any sync problems.

*******May 6 2003 Update:*******
It's now May 6th, and My modem hasn't lost sync even once... My service has been consistently fast... And I've been really enjoying DSL Coming from Bell ExpressVu DirecPC, with 19.2 bps modem upload... This is amazing... Still loving it! We ordered the enhanced package about a week ago, and just called yesterday, they said they had us subscribed, but didn't switch the port we were on... And that's supposed to be done today... But hey, Even with the base plan, still amazingly fast...

*******May 7 2003 Update:*******
It's now May 7th, and We called Telus once again, and they upgraded our line to the Velocity Enhanced within an hour of the call... Their one system said we had it already, but the other was still on just Velocity... That was sorted out... Now my speed tests are 2.5mbit down... 270 kb/sec, and 720 kbit up... 90 KB/sec uploading... Telus is THE BOMB...

2003-05-07 14:57:37 Speed test (wc) 1459/731 kbps
2003-05-07 14:07:56 Speed test (sea.speakeasy.net) 2047/0 kbps

*******July 23 2003 Update*******
Just got Server 2.5 plan, The upgrade went fairly smoothly, though they've been having problem with their OCA site. Upgraded 4 or 5 days ago actually, only 1 computer got assigned an IP address... So we called maybe 3 times, each time they tried something, Last night called again, and they reset the account (no IP's on either computer) waited 5 or 6 hours, still no IP's.. So we called once again, a very nice guy came on, Said it would probably be best to just try waiting a little... Due to my ips were probably in queue, and if he reset my account, id go to the end of the line... So i held off, woke up this morning, Both computers have Static IP's now. So I'm pretty happy. Speed tests seem a little better than the Enhanced 2.5... and Pings are faster. I can ping my friends in Florida at 98ms (from Alberta)

Down: 2.2mbit
Up: 760kbit

Here's a tracert to dslreports.

Tracing route to dslreports.com []
over a maximum of 30 hops:

1 11 ms * 11 ms CLGRAB21AR01.ab.tac.net []
2 12 ms 11 ms 12 ms clgrab01dr00.bb.telus.com []
3 11 ms 11 ms 11 ms clgrab21gr01.bb.telus.com []
4 45 ms 47 ms 45 ms clgrab21br01.bb.telus.com []
5 45 ms 46 ms 45 ms wnpgmb38br00.bb.telus.com []
6 46 ms 45 ms 46 ms chcnil23gr00.bb.telus.com []
7 45 ms 44 ms 45 ms chcgildtgr00.bb.telus.com []
8 46 ms 46 ms 45 ms peer.chcgildtgr00.bb.telus.com []
9 70 ms 72 ms 69 ms brvwil1wcxb-pos9-0.wcg.net []
10 70 ms 74 ms 69 ms nycmny2wcx3-pos5-0.wcg.net []
11 69 ms 71 ms 72 ms nycmnyhlce1-oc48.wcg.net []
12 69 ms 76 ms 71 ms nycmny2lce1-netaccess-atm.wcg.net]
13 73 ms 71 ms 72 ms 1187.at-0-1-0.gbr1.oct.nac.net []

14 72 ms 71 ms 73 ms 0095.gi-1-1.msfc1.oct.nac.net []
15 74 ms 76 ms 72 ms www.dslreports.com []

Trace complete.

So far so good.

*******January 24 2004 Update*******
Everything still running smooth, Upload went down about 100kbit, but that was because I lucked out before, and it synced 100 kbit faster than it should have (864 kbit) now its synced at 768 kbit... Download is exactly the same... 2000 kbit...

Pings are still incredibly stable

Tracing route to dslreports.com []
over a maximum of 30 hops:

1 11 ms 11 ms * CLGRAB21AR01.ab.tac.net []
2 12 ms 11 ms 11 ms clgrab01dr00.bb.telus.com []
3 12 ms 11 ms 11 ms clgrab21gr01.bb.telus.com []
4 46 ms 46 ms 46 ms clgrab21br01.bb.telus.com []
5 46 ms 46 ms 46 ms wnpgmb38br00.bb.telus.com []
6 46 ms 46 ms 46 ms chcnil23gr00.bb.telus.com []
7 45 ms 45 ms 45 ms chcgildtgr00.bb.telus.com []
8 46 ms 45 ms 45 ms
9 69 ms 69 ms 69 ms chcgil9lch1-pos7-1-oc48.wcg.net []

10 69 ms 70 ms 70 ms brvwil1wcx3-pos5-0.wcg.net []
11 70 ms 69 ms 70 ms nycmny2wcx3-oc48.wcg.net []
12 69 ms 69 ms 69 ms nycmnyhlce1-oc48.wcg.net []
13 70 ms 69 ms 69 ms nycmny2lce1-netaccess-atm.wcg.net [
14 70 ms 70 ms 70 ms 0.so-0-2-0.gbr1.nwr.nac.net []
15 71 ms 71 ms 71 ms 0.ge-0-1-0.gbr2.nwr.nac.net []
16 70 ms 70 ms 71 ms 0.so-0-3-0.gbr1.oct.nac.net []
17 71 ms 70 ms 71 ms www.dslreports.com []

Trace complete.

It's all good...

*******May 30 2010 Update*******
Telus recently installed ADSL2+ equipment to my area, though I had issues going up to 15mbps. Server plan + Residential line = failure now. I only had one main option and that was to move my one phone line to a business account in order to upgrade to the 15mbit plan, Otherwise I was bumped from 3mbit to 6mbit once I was switched to an ADSL2+ Port, and boy was that a nice little bump. I'm really looking forward to the next jump.

Speeds are consistent 24/7 again, and so are pings. (I previously was having issues starting a few months back where speed and pings went crazy after 5pm, but I'm guessing the older ADSL equipment, or the port I was on must have been overloaded.)

I'm in the process of being upgraded, and hopefully will be all sorted out in the week to come. Thanks to the Telus Tech guys and support that have tried their best, and the ones currently helping!

*******June 01 2010 Update*******
Had a second internet connection hooked up while I wait for my 'Business Line' to be sorted out, and all I can really say is WOW.
Second line synced at a steady 15mbps, and from most sites I can get about 12-13mbps download speed, and 900kb upload. Absolutely amazing!

1.45MB/sec download speed, It makes my heart race. Very consistent speeds day and night, and great pings. Once I get my main line sorted out and have 15mbit setup on it, I'll probably cancel this second one after a month or two, as I don't think I need dual connections after experiencing this speed first hand.
(Originally I was playing around with/testing pfSense, and it turned out to be a massive pain in the butt. The dual wan settings kept only using the slower 6mbit connection, even when I changed the WAN lines around, so I'm dropping that test.) Once I cancel this one, I'll stick with my good old Soekris 5501 running m0n0wall.

Overall, I'm very happy.

*******June 08 2010 Update*******
Got my Server Line all finished and setup. But not without a couple of hiccups towards the end. After Telus switched my Phone line from Residential to Business, They changed my internet plan from the 'Server' plan to the 'Office' plan, taking away my Static IP's (On the registerdevice site... Though I did have my 15mbps speed. Thanks to a Tech that I became familiar with, he was able to help me out within a couple minutes, got me back on the right plan, though I lost my Static IP during the process. He said he'd call a friend of his within Telus that could get my IP back, and within 2 hours I had my original IP back.

Now hopefully I won't have to bug anyone for awhile. Speeds are extremely consistent, and so are pings. Though my SNRM Stats changed once they swapped me from Residential to Business, which is kind of strange.

I'm now a very happy camper, and send my thanks to everyone that got this worked out!

Server Plan on Residential Line:
Click for full size

Server Plan swapped over to Business Line:
Click for full size

Secondary 'Turbo' connection on other Residential Line:
Click for full size

*******May 24 2012 Update*******
Telus recently launched VDSL2 earlier this year, initially only to Residential customers. I had contemplated buying it on my residential line until it was offered on the business side, but held off.

Found out it was available around March, and started talking with a tech friend trying to figure how I could get it, as 3 calls to Telus resulted in nothing. I got a callback several weeks after asking if my issue was resolved, I told them nothing had started at all in beginning to get me set up, They asked if I wanted to talk to a supervisor, I told him yes, but never got a call from the supervisor. Waited another month before calling my contact in Telus Business Support, (Which is what I need to start doing right from the beginning instead, Lesson learned.) She got me hooked up with an install date (which was today) and I requested a Bridged Modem, she said it wouldn't be a problem and I'd be provided with an ALU 7130.
Tech showed up with an Actiontech, telling me he wasn't instructed otherwise, No big deal I'll get it sorted out. He changed some stuff in my NID, Put a new splitter in, hooked me up with the Actiontech, initially with speeds 15/1... A quick call and I was at 25.5/6.5. (Extremely Impressed, as its advertised as 25/5 on the Telus Business site.)
Click for full size

Not completely sure what the price is yet, but I was told my old plan was around $85 a month, and I believe this one will be $105 a month, which is completely worth it, even if just for 8x the upload speed of my previous connection.

He did a little more calling and said he'd order me an ALU modem and it should be in by tomorrow, or monday by the latest. He then told me there was one last modem one town 40min away, and that he'd go and pick it up for me, Bonus! The tech went above and beyond what he had to, and got me completely set up with exactly what I needed.

Overall a great experience other than the wait time, but that was partially my fault for not following up and/or calling my Business Rep from the beginning.

Here is a visual graph from Speedtest.net of my historical speed and increase of Download and Upload.
Click for full size

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