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Six Month Rating

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Review by j_a_t_h See Profile

  • Location: Calgary,AB
  • Cost: $87 per month (24 month contract)
  • Install: about 15 days
  • Telco party Telus
Good "Fast Speed all day long"
Bad "Have to reset TV once every 2 weeks"
Overall "Trouble getting setup, good once that is done."
Pre Sales information:
Install Co-ordination:
Connection reliability:
Tech Support:
Value for money:
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My Other Reviews

·TekSavvy DSL
Having issues with Telus internet cutting out and TV not working, Telus responce to my issues F*** Y**. They do not care about there services or how they treat there customers. I am stuck with Telus until my contract runs out. NEVER SIGN A CONTACT WITH TELUS. You change the term of the contact, lie about the terms. It is hard to believe but they are making Shaw look like an honest company.

Order Telus HS Enhanced. I received a email telling me that my modem would be mailed to me in 3 days and welcomes me to lite-speed.I call back the next day to make sure that I had order the HS Enhanced and not the lite-speed, they show that I am signed up for Enhanced. On the forth day I still have not received my modem but I am being charged. I called Telus to ask about the modem and the person told me that the modem takes about 10-12 days to show up, he then said he would credit me one week. I finally get the modem after 11 days, hook up goes fine. I test the line it is 1.2megs. I then check my Telus customer service and surprise I have only been signed up normal High speed, of course being the weekend the customer service is closed. So I signed up for Enhanced, was told I lite and ended up with normal.

Update Sept 12 2006 - There have been a few times when the service has been down, 3 times in the last 9 months for about 12 hours combined. This is much better then Shaw where it was down about 6 hours a month. They increased the speed from 2.5 to 3 which can be seen. The best part in the speed is the same all day, until Shaw where it was dial-up speeds during prime time.

Update Feb 17 2007 - The news server have been useless for about 6 months, but the system has only been down for one hour in the last 6 months. The speed is about 2.2 megs on a 3.0 meg line. I do up to 120Gigs a month up and down and have not been contacted. Over all I am happy with the service.

Updated Sept 3 2007: the connection has been cutting out for weeks now, of course when you call to find out what is happening, by the 1-2 hours to get though the connection has been remade and all is fine on their end. The news server are worthless now, mostly incomplete. My speed has dropped to 1.8 mbps on a 3.0 line. When I ask about this slow down they say everything is OK on their end, it must be a problem with my computer. My computer is clean and running fine. My contract with Telus is over in 3 months and I will be going back to shaw.

Updated Sept 2008: Telus no longer supports binary news group, but the connection has been stable and the top speed is 2.9 megs with an average of about 2.3 megs on a 3.0 line. Has not complained that I have been downloading up to 180 gigs a month, this is the main reason I do not switch to Shaw is they download/upload limit

Update Nov 2009 - Called to get upped to 6/1 . Talked to a person that I could not understand. Received a new modem/router and set it up. Had to call back to get my line synced up to the 6/1. Talked to someone who spoke English and they explained how I was to give back the old modem. I get about 5.7/.6 from the line so I am happy. Does not go down much. Has been down for about 12 hours in the last year. No charges for going over the 60 gigs which is good because I average 80-90 gigs a month.

Update July 2011- Changed to Telus TV and upgraded to 15mbs line and I am receiving 13.7 download and 0.7 upload. The TV has had some issues about every 2 weeks I have to unplug the receiver and plug in back in to reset the box. This take about 2 minutes until the TV is usable. The install of the TV did not go so straight, they had to delete and recreate my account to get it to work. So the issue was not with the physical install but at the head office. Because of my account being recreate my account at Telus.com no longer worked. The person I contacted at Telus to get the Telus website account working was not any help. He went thought the script 3 times blaming me for it not working. The rep was very rude. I finally convinced him to delete the account and let me re-create it. It took 3 tries for him to delete the account correctly. As always with Telus, a headache to get setup but great was it is up and going.

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