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Six Month Rating

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Review by tallguy11 See Profile

  • Location: Edmonton,AB
  • Cost: $40 per month
  • Telco party Telus
Good "Fast 50 meg down 10 meg up, reliable, and cheap"
Bad "none "
Overall "it works, it's fast and its way cheaper than shaw"
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Install Co-ordination:
Connection reliability:
Tech Support:
Value for money:
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fast internet and i don't have to worry about caps!!!

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Whistler, BC

why u say its cheaper?

the service is not cheaper is just has a better intro promotion, but u cant say its cheaper if telus 50= $80/m and shaw 50 = $80/m , shaw also has level 1 tech support in canada unlike telus who has it in india, and shaw also offers a proper option for bridging your modem
Shaw Broadband 100/5 - Cisco DPC3825 - Asus RT-AC66U


Edmonton, AB
·TekSavvy Cable

1 recommendation

Re: why u say its cheaper?

yes but telus has 10meg up and thats where it really counts.. also every tech support agent i talked to at telus has been in canada.. and it is cheaper as once the promotion is taken off all u gotta do is call in and threaten to switch to shaw and bingo promo back on.. been doing that for 5 years now works everytime!


Re: why u say its cheaper?

not typically. US time shifting channels are extra with Telus, included with Shaw. The same with Asian channels. Downloading and watching tv will cause a hit with your internet speeds. I've heard many complaints about how poor Telus tech support is, not so much with Shaw. Shaw knows that most people will actually return back to Shaw after their promo ends with Telus, that's partly why Shaw's promos and retention deals suck.


Edmonton, AB

Re: why u say its cheaper?

if u took the time to read my review u would have seen i have internet only and for me telus is a far better connection... i do not have cable as i find its a waste of money.. i can get everything i want off the net and no dealing with commercials