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Six Month Rating

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Review by kylez See Profile

  • Location: undisclosed location
  • Cost: $50 per month
  • Install: about 14 days
  • Telco party Telus
Good "Constant speed, get what you pay for."
Bad "Manager: Each time you call in you're costing us Money. Maybe it would be better if we just terminate the service."
Overall "No bandwidth overage charges, really poor uptime."
Pre Sales information:
Install Co-ordination:
Connection reliability:
Tech Support:
Value for money:
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I considered many options before switching to Telus, I was thinking about Shaw back in the day (9 years ago) however their speed was way too inconsistent for me. At the beginning I ordered Telus High Speed 1.5mbps down 1mbps up for $45, the downtime was absolutely terrible for the first 2 years (Down for hours, and once a day), however after that my line has been 100% solid and have not once had my line go down. I upgraded to 6/1 a couple years ago and have not looked back. At first I rented the 3com ADSL modem from Telus as at the time their other modems were complete garbage, a couple years later Telus gave me the modem for free, and started lowering my monthly price starting with $5 and going all the way up to $15 off monthly for $30 monthly. Later I had upgraded to 6/1 and managed to save $5 a month with a price match with Teksavvy. One day a Siemens 567 modem showed up on my front door step, literally. I unpacked it thinking it would be even better than my 3com modem, oh boy was I wrong. This thing was completely borked, it was a mucked up Router/Modem combination that specialized in unstable sync rates, and dropping packets. Later I demanded that I have a Speedtouch 516v6 shipped to my house or I would cancel. I was seriously at this point after being a Telus customer for 8 years, as they couldn't even grace me with a decent modem. Don't get me wrong the 3com was awesome, however the upload speed on it was atrocious (Something like 412kbps). I would like to thank the cancellation department, I have to say 90% of everyone in tech support does not know what they're talking about. Every time I had called Tech Support they were completely useless, and clueless. However, the employees that do help out people on this forum seem quite knowledgeable, and extremely helpful. They're honestly what have kept me with Telus all these years, and hopefully for many more.

Update for Turbo 25:

Well, I guess I moved to Turbo 25 a bit early. Some TS reps still don't know what it is, nor know that you need a VDSL modem for it. I guess I'm partially at fault for not asking for a new modem (They assumed a Siemens 567 would work just fine, which was on file that I had). But any who, I was down for a week~ish after initially transferring. Then constant instability for four or so months (Including Today, and probably the future) using an Actiontec/ALU. Reps insisted I just keep calling back each time I have a problem, so I did. Again and again. Then I went on a crusade trying to get an ALU from Telus (This was a bit brutal. However, I only did call in when I lost sync). Eventually I did get the unit, just not as one would typically expect. The drop outs started to get really bad, so bad that I couldn't stay synced for over an hour. I called Telus and asked for a manager to call me back. He examined how many times I called in (Exceeded 20+ times within 4 months), then proceeded to say if I call in again, regardless of what it is, Telus would terminate my service and cancel my account. After being a High Speed client for well over 9 years (20+ With BC Tel for Phone), one would expect to not be shown the door when they're having critical service issues. But oh well, the company demeanor seems to have changed significantly over the past 10 years. Shaw is a viable substitute at the moment so that's holding me up with Telus.

I noticed I didn't mention peering in the initial review. During the day/evening there's gross over saturation if you're leaving the country (ie The States). On a regular day there will be at least a 20ms difference between the day and night (5AM). On a shared holiday, or major US holiday, I've had up to a 200ms hike in latency (On top of what's there initially).

Anyone else have a similar experience? Everyone on DSLReports really seems to know their stuff and are extraordinarily helpful. Every time I call in it's pulling teeth, and since the Manager explicitly told me to piss off. I'm really in a rut being run over by the company vehicle.

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