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Six Month Rating

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Review by pfak See Profile

  • Location: Vancouver,BC
  • Cost: $141 per month (36 month contract)
  • Install: about 6 days
  • Telco party Telus
Good "Professional installation, fast & reliable speeds, decent value"
Bad "Poor overseas support and long phone queues"
Overall "The best of the two ISPs available to me, Decent service overall"
Pre Sales information:
Install Co-ordination:
Connection reliability:
Tech Support:
Value for money:
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My package:

* Home phone service with Basic Long Distance
* Optik High Speed Turbo 25 (25Mbps downstream, 2Mbps upstream) with 250GB softcap
* TELUS TV with Optik TV Your Pick HD combo (7 theme packs)

With a 36 month contract: free HD PVR rental for 3 years, Xbox 360, modem/gateway rental, HD set top box.

My review:

TELUS has improved substantially since when I last used their service in 2005. Their new VDSL2 deployment is second to none in my province of British Columbia. The speeds in terms of cost exceed by a wide margin the service provided by their DOCSIS competitor, Shaw.

I switched my basic TV and Xtreme-I (15mbps/1mbps) Internet service from Shaw at a total cost of $120/mo (before taxes) to TELUS (including land line phone service.) The Internet connection on TELUS is a lot more reliable, and the latency is lower and I receive twice the upstream with my new Optik Turbo 25 package (25Mbps/2Mbps.) The internet speeds drop when more than one HD stream is turned on in the house, but I am told that this will change in the near future as my line is capable of much greater speeds (~100Mbps.)

TELUS provides a "easy to use" (aka dummy) NAT, Wireless, HPNA, and Ethernet router (the Actiontec V1000H) which is locked down and does not allow you to put the router into bridge mode, it has some flaws (broken UPnP, wireless reception isn't the best) which are being worked out but still exist at present. The unit is solid for the average user, and only the most technical would have issues with its limitations. In terms of data transfer, 250GB softcap provided by TELUS is a lot higher than Shaw's on a comparable plan, and Shaw was only offering me a 100GB cap after lowering it from 125GB.

The order and install process was relatively smooth, with the exception that I did not receive a followup telephone call for the TV service to select what channel packs I wanted with my plan, and the $30/mo for 6 month discount was not applied until I phoned in at which point it was rectified.

I would say that the only issue I would have is the customer service angle, TELUS outsourced most of their customer service and it leaves me dreading when I have an issue with my connection. The one time I tried to phone TELUS for technical assistance I had to wait on hold for an hour before hanging up.

The bottom line is, TELUS service offerings are cheaper than the competition in terms of what you receive for your dollar. The service they provide is more stable, and I am really pleased with my experience so far.

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