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Review by Mango See Profile

  • Location:
  • Cost: $30 per month
  • Install: about 3 days
  • Telco party Telus
Good "Good field techs, high quality bandwidth, good uptime"
Bad "Poor install coordination, mainly inept phone reps, 'up to' speeds"
Pre Sales information:
Install Co-ordination:
Connection reliability:
Tech Support:
Value for money:
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My Other Reviews

I had an interesting time ordering Telus internet for my new residence. I called them and was told they would send me a modem to set up, and the service would be installed in 2-3 days. I told them I'd think about it and call them back. When I called back, they told me a technician would need to be dispatched and therefore the earliest the service could be installed was 1-2 weeks. I told them I was no longer interested.

I received a call a few hours later asking if I would reconsider if they would "try" to install the service within three days. I told them to go for it. They stated a technician would be dispatched and would bring the modem with him.

The morning of the appointment, I called in to find out approximately what time the technician would arrive. They told me that no technician had been dispatched and that the modem would be mailed to me.

Fortunately, I didn't go out, as a technician arrived 30 minutes later.

He had no modem.

I'd thought ahead and borrowed a spare modem, so we used that for testing purposes. My upload synced at 640 kbps, and he wanted to improve that without even my asking. He installed a new demarc and also a ground wire. Then he installed a microfilter at the demarc so that the phone jacks were isolated from the DSL jacks. This brought my speeds up to what was advertised. Ping time is on the high side but consistent, speeds are consistently good, and based on history uptime is admirable.

The best news is that I disconnected service at my old residence more than 90 days ago, so they allowed me to have the promotional pricing.

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