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Six Month Rating

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Review by wat0114 See Profile

  • Location: Calgary,AB
  • Cost: $102 per month (36 month contract)
  • Install: about 7 days
  • Telco party Telus
Good "Customer service and Tech support"
Bad "We were given an older model router at the beginning of service contract"
Overall "Mostly reliable service, good customer service"

I'm mostly very happy with both the service reliability of our phone, tv and Internet connections, and their customer service. The staff is friendly, helpful, and has even given us some deals to reduce our bill amount. The Technicians are also very good in terms of resolving issues in a friendly and timely manner. The billing information is well categorized, with no hidden surprises. We recently had an issue with one of the tv boxes, so they upgraded our router to a newer model to resolve the issue. They probably should have installed the newer model router in the beginning, but at least it caused no issues for the first 1 1/2 years.

I dropped Shaw a few years ago because of unfriendly customer service and dubious, unclear billing practices.

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Mixed Bag

..fed up with Shaw and their so so service for way too much money, advertised speeds sagged at online game and bit torrent time so I tried to 'make a deal' ...got the usual customer retention hassle and a sour good-by, but no deal so I left.

Wanted Telus "high speed" (6mbps) but they sent one of those Actiontec 1000 modem/routers... difficult to configure... I use 2 separate Vonage phone services on the World Plan, which for some reason didn't like the Actiontec. 1 worked OK but the second will not work at the same time... I guess an IP address conflict or some kind of port or UDP routing problem with the modem or Vonage. Went to the thrift shop down the street and purchased 2 D-Link DSL-300G Gen11 modems for $1 each. Now everything works perfectly and I get 5.75mbps down and .75mbps up... a comfortable upload margin if both phones are in use.. Shaw only gives .45mbps.

Why Vonage? Supurb sound quality and service considering it's a sip based parasitic VOiP UDP phone. We have a large family spread out in Mexico, Malaysia and Australia so it's only $29/month all inclusive with unlimited LD for each of my services... no stupid nickel and diming you to death for call display or extra for long distance "plans".

TV is ShawDirect. Why? Far less compression and less pixalization.. Shaw cable and Telus jam too much in the way of useless shopping, infomercial and prayse the Lord n pass the collection plate garbage down the coax; burning up what little bandwith there is. All they do is dumb down the quality of everything to make room. Used ShawDirect/Starchoice DSR-505 HD receivers are a dime a dozen in these here parts...picked 3 or em up for cheap... along with a 2 used satellite dishes (one for the casa in Mexico).... $100 for the works.