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Review by ThatGuy17 See Profile

  • Location: Wheatley,ON
  • Cost: $72 per month (360 month contract)
Good "Streaming in rural area, better than local point to multipoint providers"
Bad "High cost if not for special deal... LOW BANDWIDTH/HIGH COST IF GO OVER"
Overall "For the time being it is the only viable option in my area"
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Install Co-ordination:
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Value for money:
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I live in a rural area, where I cannot get dialup internet at full speed, so there is no infrastructure for DSL or cable.

I have tried using WaveDirect & had a truely horrible experience trying to work with them, they're refusal to admit possible issues & the lies they have told me & placed on my reviews on this site. WaveDirect's service would not allow me to even pull up a webpage for months, no credit, no help aside from blaming my equipment & saying their equipment was working "flawlessly" (»/comment/82678, »/comment/82513).

Xplorenet is a service that is works in my area, able to pull up webpages, but usually connecting at less than half MB down, on an upto 3MB down service (attempts to troubleshoot this do not increase speed, but at least with Xplorenet I can surf the web). Xplorenet's staff are polite & try to assist, but cannot increase the speeds from their current slow state.

Currently I am tethered to my Telus cell phone plan for internet connection. Prior to this I was concerned just surfing & checking my email because I only had 1GB per month, however due to a promotional opportunity at the right time I now have 6GB per month for the price of 1GB ($30 on my cell plan, with voice & other features total of $72). I am able to stream youtube or videos with these speeds, but have to limit my usage due to the low cap & high overage costs. Overall I am fairly pleased with Telus for my cell phone & internet service... I do have spotty coverage, as sometimes calls will drop, my phone will indicate voicemail when it never rang, and my internet will cut in & out... Hopefully some company will address the needs of rural residents in a meaningful, effective, cost efficient manner (I understand it will cost more in rural areas, but I'd like to have reliable service with close to the maximum speeds of the package I'm told are available to me).

I did try to contact the 1 other provider in my area at this time, however after 3months of little-to-no-response in trying to sign up for the service I gave up on LightWaveInternet.net

So far, tethering to my cell phone is my best, only option... & Telus has always been pleasant for me to deal with, for any issues with my cell phone package, however it is quite pricey, as all Canadian telecoms seem to be, compared to the United States of America, or especially to Europe & Asia.

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