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Review by Bauwoo See Profile

  • Location: undisclosed location
  • Cost: $89 per month
  • Telco party Telus
Good "Connection, Low Latency, Dedicated Line, Customer Serivce"
Bad "Modem Options, Lack of Bridge Mode Support for Advanced Users"
Overall "Great connection, improved customer support, but lack of modem options and bridge mode support put the competition ahead here."
Pre Sales information:
Install Co-ordination:
Connection reliability:
Tech Support:
Value for money:
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Phoned up Telus and had a pleasant time chatting with the customer service rep. Ordered up Optik TV, Internet, and Phone all in same day with no hassle. Tech came and did his work (1.5-2h) to setup wiring, PVR, modem, etc. Everything went well and was hassle free.

Having Telus for 6 months now and I haven't had any issues with the connection. I have had issues regarding the modem, the V1000H. It's never given me any problems technically but it does have a limited firmware for my uses. I called up tech support hoping they could put it in bridge mode but they didn't have the option or the expertise. Telus Tech support has very limited training. I found a custom firmware and loaded it onto the V1000H and put it into bridge mode and was running my RT-N16 w/ TomatoUSB (shibby). Didn't have any issues like tech support warned me about. 6 months running this setup with no issues and a rock solid connection with excellent ping times, faster than advertised speeds which I was on Optik 15 at the time. In December, Optik 25 became available and I jumped on board and I haven't had any issues.

The only real issue is that Telus has cut their bandwidth caps in half, from 500GB to 250GB on Optik 25. A lot of people on this forum are debating the issue and I hope they are successful in a positive solution to this. For myself, it will not affect me as much as I do not spend my connection to those limits Telus has placed apon me.

Right now I would recommend Telus for people who enjoy applications having low latency and a very stable connection (gaming and general use). I wouldn't recommend this service for power users who need extensive bandwidth (usenet, torrents, streaming).


I just had 50/10 installed with TELUS new V2000H modem. This time around it was much easier putting into bridge mode. No custom firmwares or anything. Had root login from the start. Put it into bridge mode and connected it to my Asus RT-N66U w/ TomatoUSB Shibby CFW. The connection like my 25/2 is great. I get almost 50/10 (48/9) consistently all day. The only performance issue I seem to have is that with the V2000H it does Loop Bonding that requires the two phone lines. I noticed double my ping times which I don't know if that is normal or not for Loop Bonding. I put the modem into one line mode and was getting half the ping time and my original ping time when I was on 25/2.

Other than that the connection is solid. I can do heavy downloading again with very effective QoS implementation. Shaw fluctuates way to much to have QoS work. Gaming and all other applications run great, even with the slight increase to latency.

If TELUS has faster packages down the road, I'll definitely do the upgrade.

UPDATE 02/05/2014:

Currently only have 50/10 with no TV or Phone. TV and Phone services are with Shaw because of employee discount I had months ago. Looking to switch back to TELUS because the savings are not at Shaw anymore. One on one regular price and TELUS has my business because of QoS.

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Vancouver, BC

For all three that's a great price

This is $52 for all three services? That's pretty good. I pay $44 for 2 services, but I don't watch TV.

That's a pretty good price.



Re: For all three that's a great price

Nope just $52/m for the internet alone.


Bridge Mode?

Just wondering where you activate this. I have my own router set up as a DMZ host on my Actiontec V2000H. I'm assuming this essentially does the same thing, as all ports are open to my router.



Re: Bridge Mode?

You must login as "root". Google has the login information. Once you're in you go to Advanced Tab > WAN Settings > and enable Transparent Bridging, disable wireless, and NAT.

And no, enabling DMZ is not the same thing has bridge mode.