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  • Location: Englewood,Arapahoe,CO
  • Cost: $280 per month (36 month contract)
  • Telco party Integra Telecom
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I am an Insurance Agent, and started my business in January of 2010. I became unhappy w/ Qwest soon after starting and was approached by a canvasser for Integra shortly thereafter. When I told him of my unhappiness with the service I had been provided by Qwest up to that point, he asked to take a look at my bills. As you can imagine, he told me that Integra would do a much better job AND save me a great deal of money at the same time. Needless to say I decided to switch over after being told that this was a one year contract I was signing.

Within a few months of switching over to them, the bills became more than I had ever paid with Qwest and when I called in to ask why I was told that the amount I was told I would be paying was just for the lines - the services along with those lines cost extra. When I asked how I could opt out of my contract, I was told I had signed a three year deal and would owe the balance of those three years. I told the rep that there was no way possible I would have signed this since I didn't know whether or not I would still be an agent after the end of that first year and asked for the original contract I had signed to be presented to me. They mailed me a copy which appeared to be doctored, but of course told me that it hadn't been.

By this time my anger and frustration with the company had reached it's boi=ling point and I decided to switch to a VOIP (Vocalocity if anyone who read=s this wants it - they are everything that Integra isn't and more!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!). Shortly thereafter I received a notice in the mail from Integra stating that my balance due for the cancellation was slightly more than $2,000.00. I called Integra to inquire about the Porting Dates and was told that the balance due would be more than the $2,000.00 and that the statement I received in the mail was an estimate only. When I told them it didn't state that it was an estimate, I was basically told too bad. A week later I received another statement - this one showing a balance of approximately $2,900.00. As you can imagine, I was beyond angry at this point so I called in and talked to the same rep and was told this should be all that I owed (that didn't make me feel any better) and that a final bill would be generated shortly. I received the final bill today and it was for $3,342.49. As you can imagine I went ballistic and called in and spoke to another rep. She had - quite possibly - the most casual I don't care attitude of anyone I have ever spoken to at any company.

I obviously haven't dealt with every company out there, but I cannot begin to imagine one that is worse. If you choose to do business with Integra, you should have your head examined prior to doing so. The call Vocalocity at 877-862-2562.


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lodged 2.6 years ago