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Review by qworster See Profile

  • Location: Tucson,Pima,AZ
  • Cost: $48 per month
  • Telco party Qwest
Good "Finally!!! after 2 months of nightmares it's working ok!"
Bad "They've TRIPLE BILLED me the past two months!"
Overall "A class action suit looks better all the time!"
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Update: December 30, 2001

Finally, after two months and over 25 calls to MSN tech support, MSN DSL seems to be working okay. I'm not getting quite the speed I got with Qwest, but it's close (540 down, 212 up on average on a 640/256 DSL circuit) and reasonably reliable.

Yesterday I got my Qwest phone bill....today I opened it....
The monthly charge to MSN there is:$143.70 or exactly THREE TIMES the proper charge of $47.90. Last month I was away and my roommate paid the bill...I went and looked at that one..SAME THING!! I just assumed that she had made a bunch of LD calls.....


To make things worse, Qwest has overcharged me 100 bucks on the Cisco modem. They never gave me the credit for a second modem I returned to them MONTHS AGO (I have their RMA number to prove it..and they acknolowlege that it got sent back...they just REFUSE to credit it...apparently shipping and billing "don't talk").
Is anyone planning a class action suit? I've heard this bantered around... If so, I'm THERE!!!!
---------------------------------------------------------------------------------- --------------------------------------

I migrated from Qwest DSL to MSN DSL two weeks ago..

No , let me rephrase that...

I was one of the suckers who bought MSN and Qwest's bullsiht that nothing would change concerning my (former) Qwest DSL circuit. Everything has changed!
Before I migrated, I called MSN and was assured by them that the only difference I would see is that they (MSN) don't support VPN just yet. Otherwise, my connection (640/256) would be identical and might even be a bit faster then with Qwest (average 560k).

Let me put this as succinctly as I can: THEY LIE!!!

First of all, their Usenet is filtered to death. Qwest didn't filter a single one, MSN filters out over half of them! Plus along with the obvious (porno) ones are the not so obvious such as alt.microsoftsucks.

Of course, they do have their own usenet that has virtually nothing useful on it.

At five past midnight on Thanksgiving, my DSL quit. I went to bed. Ten hours later it still wasn't working so I called MSN support, where I was informed that they were having a system wide outage. "OK" I thought. Equipment fails. I can wait.
Near as I can tell, DSL came back about 6 PM, 18 hours later. Problem was, it had very poor speed. In fact, a dial up connection was faster. I called MSN support again and they told me: "Give it a day to come back up to full speed". Fair enough.
I waited another day. No difference. Called them back and got the same spiel. I asked for escalation. They refused. I asked for a ticket number. They refused. They said it was probably Qwest and gave me a number for them. I called it and a recording said they were closed until Monday. In desperation, I called my old Qwest DSL support number and told the person there my tale of woe. He said he believed I was being given the run around by MSN, and gave me the inside Qwest wire line number. I called it and got a real nice guy on the phone. After telling me that I had reached an inside number and he shouldn't even be talking to me he agreed to check out my line. He said it was working fine but that he could see very slow throughput from MSN. I hung up and went to bed.
Now it's Sunday night....almost four days after the DSL failed. My speed is now up to about 210k (1/3 of what I pay for). I called the MSN number again and they tried to go through the same BS they always do (flush your cache, etc.) I'm a radio and network engineer. I know what I'm doing. Don't patronize me, MSN.
Finally...they admitted that the number I had been given was usually for dial up and gave me a broadband number. I called it up and here's what I found:

First of all, unlike Qwest (who guarantee you 80% of the speed you pay for), MSN only guarantees 56k(!!!!) speed on DSL lines!!!! I was stunned when the guy told me that My 200k throughput (1/3 0f what I'm paying for) met their minimum bandwidth for a 640k line!! (now rememember what I was told by them in the first place). So, I asked him: "Why then do you offer (cheaper) 256k service then. It would seem to me that I should at least get service on my 640k line that's faster then 256k!" His reply: "I don't know".

Finally, I managed to get them to escalate my problem (that he claims is no problem). I'll keep you updated as to what happens, though I'm now most certainly going to change over to cable (yes, I know that I can get another ISP, but I really feel like hitting Qwest in their pocketbook for getting me into this nightmare!)..


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