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Review by Adelphia See Profile

  • Location: Cincinnati,Hamilton,OH
  • Cost: $40 per month
  • Install: about 7 days
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I considered Time Warner cable, but after paying for the service and then paying for equipment and other fees, was way higher.

Took them a bit to get service working because lines were not connected and could not get to me for several days.

Next could not get wi-fi to work after a hour with tech support "I" figured out it did not like special keys in the password.

Then when tried to get xbox connected, was told "they don't support it.

Price is good, service not so good.

Would still consider keeping if xbox could work.

Only got the service for internet and the xbox and now can't use for xbox.

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I can help...

What kind of gateway do you have?

You need to setup port forwarding for your XBOX.

If you tell me which gateway you have I can walk you through it.


Re: I can help...

Thanks but just gave up and quit service.



Re: I can help...

Sorry to hear that.