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Review by alamarco See Profile

  • Location: Windsor,ON
  • Cost Contract price not specified.
Good "Speed, Ping"
Bad "Bandwidth caps, Ultimate tiers have no cap on charges, Bad equipment"
Overall "Don't care about the customer and only care about lining their pockets"
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Connection Reliability:
Tech Support:
Value for money:
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I was having issues with my connection stability for a while when I finally decided to call in a tech. To my surprise the immediately identified the issue and they were shocked as well. The issue was the modem which as they mentioned was known to have a lot of issues and among others drop packets. They also mentioned that the modem has already been phased out and the current modem that they were installing was about to be phased out.

A few issues with that. First, if a modem was phased out because it was known to drop packets why wouldn't all customers get a notification? They could easily do it by region to avoid issues and slowly work out the bad modems instead of leaving customers with such faulty equipment. Second, if they know modem phasing is going to be done soon, why bring in the old modem?

My issue with that was I wanted to move up a tier from Turbo14 to Turbo20. They wanted to charge me $50 which was ridiculous because I would install the modem myself and drop it off, yet they didn't want to budge on the charge. When they sent a tech out as per the above issue, they didn't send one with the modem I needed to upgrade, they sent one with the older modem and when I told the tech they were surprised as they said they could of easily installed it.

So I had to call in again and and use the information from the techs on how my modem was so bad for so long to finally get them to drop the charge so I could upgrade.

In short, the techs knew what they were doing and were very pleasant. The support they offered was very good, but Cogeco themselves kept making the process difficult.

As for bandwidth, it's well known Cogeco is terrible in this area. The caps are very low for today's usage and the Ultimate tiers do not have a maximum charge with regards to overage fees which means your bill can be very high. Stay away from Ultimate tiers at all costs as you can easily go over Cogeco's low caps and get billed a ridiculous amount.

The following are services which all add up to a lot of usage and almost guarantee you go over your cap:
- Netflix, Hulu, Crunchyroll, YouTube, Apple Trailers
- Steam, XBOX 360, PS3
- Game demo's alone can be 1GB+
- VoIP
- etc.

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