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Review by urbanriot See Profile

  • Location: St Catharines,ON
  • Cost: $129 per month (36 month contract)
Good "NEVER goes down, binary newsgroup support, amazing speeds, and local support."
Bad "Overage charges and/or pricey! Personnel issues, allegedly slower in dense areas like apartment buildings."
Overall "Excellent ISP for web browsing, emailing, gaming, speed; Bad for heavy downloading unless you get the business package."
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I've been using Cogeco's service since before their name was attached, for maybe 15 years (I've lost track), and I've typically had a decent experience all throughout the Niagara Peninsula. The following encompasses my most recent four years with their service:

Cogeco's primary complaint from younger internet users:

- a moderate bandwidth allowance for residential accounts that charges people for overages when they could simply provide a web notification when a user is near.

Cogeco has many positive points:

- excellent torrent downloading speeds, always hitting my cap on properly seeded torrents. Cogeco employees have stated they're throttling P2P / torrent uploads, but I'm still able to obtain decent speeds and maintain ratios 2:1 ratios.

- extremely low gaming latancy with fast pings, some servers in NY and Toronto pinging as low as 7 - 12ms, faster than everyone else in the server.

- Highwinds newsgroup support with at least 30 day retention, which most ISP's are no longer offering, with support for many popular binary groups.

- local knowledgeable tech support that speak a clear and understandable English who are available 24/7. Most of my experiences with them have been pretty good.

- some highly motivated, dedicated and skilled on-site techs (and a few that are not so much)

- I experience minimal internet downtime, maybe once or twice a year; outages are extremely rare in the city

Cogeco's negative points:

- they hide the real prices of their packages online so most people are suckered into paying more than they expected

- a few years back, a number of profit making changes have been made to Cogeco which seriously disenfranchised them from their loyal and long term customer base

- inflexibility in scheduling on-site support calls: if you tell them you can only get out of work at a certain time, too bad, it's an 'all day' possibility. This frustrates so many people.

- a few on-site and contracted techs who aren't so skilled (rare but it happens)

- often the phone support personnel are not aware of nodal issues that they should be aware of, to better help customers often which result in.

- some phone support personnel have limited skills and a high degree of arrogance, so when encountering people with considerably more knowledge they foolishly provide bad advice with a bad attitude portraying themselves as experts and they don't engage in thorough enough technical support.

- phone support do not sufficiently provide detailed information when situations are escalated and they don't call you back as they tell you they will. And then they don't call you back the second time they tell you they will. Basically, expect that if someone at Cogeco tells you they'll call you back... they're lying to you.

- an inability to repair or diagnose issues that clearly exist outside your home and don't require service calls

- undetermined effects of upstream packet filtering (fortunately no downstream filtering yet)

- they don't appropriately alert users that they'll be nailed with overage charges before it happens. An email to an account that's never checked is not enough.

Note: If you're a heavy downloader, consider the business accounts as there's a good possibility you won't experience the overage charges that are applied to residential accounts. Hint hint.

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