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Six Month Rating

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Review by AMailer See Profile

  • Location: Burlington,ON
  • Cost: $58 per month (12 month contract)
  • Install: about 4 days
Good "Good speeds,"
Bad "Price as well as some issues with sign up"
Overall "At best a second option"
Pre Sales information:
Install Co-ordination:
Connection Reliability:
Tech Support:
Value for money:
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My Other Reviews

-- Initial Review ---
So far so good. I just don't like the pricing. For the residential, the 10Mbps with 60GB cap (combined) is ridiculous, business starter seems a bit high as well.
As well, the throttling. Even the business plans are throttled.

-- Update 24/11/09 --
Well the speeds ARE still good, loving them and since I don't go over the bandwidth I have no problem there, but I am still checking my bandwidth very often.

However I am updating this review to reduce some points on......connection reliability (hand in hand with tech support not surprisingly). Lately my connection has been just BAD. What I mean by that is, disconnects every minute to 5 minutes (random, but frequent).

I asked a Cogeco official on the forums, he was great actually helped- but told me to contact tech support; very understandable and so I did. Now initially, great tech support - felt like I was talking to TekSavvy O.o. They said they'd send a tech and they did, he came and said he FIXED the problem - great! Or I wish it was. It turns out the problem wasn't fixed, so I call in saying that the problem is still not fixed...and then the bad tech support.

The rep kept blaming me (my computer), saying he sees nothing on his end and told me to get off the router. Fine, I did - they always ask, I guess they have to. So I did, plugged it right into the modem and then he says there is STILL nothing wrong with the line even though I am seeing drops in connections (running a constant ping to google.ca at this time) while I am on the phone with him.
He then says I have MALWARE on my computer - ugh for some reason this pissed me off beyond anything. Why? because I have called in previously regarding this issue, he says he read the notes on my account regarding the previous call and the tech that came in and CONTINUES to say its on my end, without even THINKING of doing another LINE TEST.

I decide he is useless and end the call. After a few hours and a lot more disconnects I call in; I finally get a decent tech rep who; guess what! CHECKS MY LINE STATS straight into the call and BOOM 27 drops in the past 10 minutes she tells me. Very kind and now another tech is being sent over.

I know, its just 1 bad rep I've gotten but come on - there is a note on my account, quit being a dick and run a line test when asked.

Anyhow, still decent - 1 point off.

-- Update 06/12/09 --
Around 2 days since my last review a tech was sent over and managed to fix the problem. I wasn't told what the issue was other than it had something to do with my line specifically.

And so far so good, I've had a stable connection ever since, 0 drops!
I'll update the score (Connection Reliability) after a month or so from this update.

-- Update 16/06/2010 --
Just got a reminder asking if I would like to update my review, figured I'd post an update.
Connection has been good so far, there was a huge almost a whole working day downtime a few weeks ago but that brought me to call tech support which was fairly fast even though it said there was overwhelming amount of calls coming in - I got the reason as to the downtime and even got all the information regarding some billing issues I was concerned about - so +1 on support.

-- Update 01/06/2011 --
Everything seems great, connection has been very reliable so +1 to that as well they did increase the speeds, I wish I could give a +1 for value for money but still think there is a lot of room for improvement for that :P

-- Update 14/12/2011 --
Connection has been very stable, so +1 to that; since it has been so stable I haven't had the need to call in support or anything so can't comment on that

Note: I am still on the "business starter" plan

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