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Review by tristen1230 See Profile

  • Location: Belleville,ON
  • Cost: $41 per month (12 month contract)
  • Install: about 365 days
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When we first actually went with Cogeco it was good but then we had are first problem. It was with our internet. They refused to send someone over because there were no problems on there end. They finally sent someone over to fix it. Ends up the Modem was dieing and they cannot detect it on there end. Sometimes our TV`s went out for over a hour in perfect weather. When time past Cogeco got worst and worst for us. Our internet and phone both went out and we spent 3 hours trying to fix it and having no phone for more then half a week to wait just to send someone over. The Troubleshooting made it worse actually. Next I was on the phone and all of a suddent the guy could not hear me. Thought it was the phone so bought a new phone and same problem so it is them and they don`t see anything on there end once again and would not send anyone over. We were on the phone waiting to cancel for over a hour and once again while cancelling the Cogeco services they could not hear us but I could hear them. So we waited another hour and thankfully this time it worked. I am going with Teksavvy now because of it`s great reviews.

Well there was no speed change it was just the phone. The lady on tech support said that she had the same problem with Bell and said it was me who created it when she don`t even know what was wrong and that.

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Stoney Creek, ON
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Modems die every 1 - 2 years

If they are completely dead, you can just take them to the Cogeco store (if you have one near you) and exchange them. If they are dieing, you'll typically see reduced speeds. In that case you'll probably need someone to come out and confirm the problem. Last time I had a modem die, it was a slow death, and the technician actually had to try three different brand new modems to get one that worked. I was holding my breath for the third one, because it was the last one he had with him. Cogeco always goes for the cheapest hardware, as I guess they prefer to spend money on service calls... However, I have never had problems getting them to send a technician to fix the problem.



Belleville, ON

Re: Modems die every 1 - 2 years

Well they replaced our with a bran new one actually which is about a year ago. I seriously doubt that.

Stoney Creek, ON

Re: Modems die every 1 - 2 years

Well if it was about a year ago, you are within the typical 1 - 2 year time window for failure. I've gone through about half a dozen modems with Cogeco so far, if I count the DOA ones. I'm on my 4th if I only count the ones that initially worked.