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Review by DSLJeans See Profile

  • Location: Georgetown,ON
  • Cost: $100 per month
Good "nothing"
Bad "everything"
Overall "go with TekSavvy"
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Frequent disconnections, unexplained outages. Tech support lies about them. They do not recognize customer loyalty, low caps, overpriced.. Slower than advertised speeds. Rep swore at me when I requested a credit. Retention department is useless, tries to get people to sign contracts for poor value. Service is useless for anything practical.

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I agree completely

I miss 1 pay... 1 single freakin payment, and they send me a letter of disconnect 2 days ago. Only 2 days ago. No warning of any kind, no VM. I sent them an email to state that I was paying have of it yesterday, which I did, and the rest next Friday, all within their 7 day limit.
Am I able to order the Survivor Series PPV? NO! When I call it, they tell me I have to CALL accounting, but they're closed Sundays. I told Megan, the rep, that I had already emailed the accounting department to make arrangements. Her response: The letter says to contact the accounting department, not email. When the hell did CONTACT mean call specifically.
Constant disconnects as you said, which I was told when I first ordered the service that it was being looked at... BULLS!T it was, they never did a damn thing.
I haven't been able to access ON Demand, which I pay for, for almost 2 weeks.
All of this crap from them, and I get locked out for missing 1 single payment. Cogeco can stick their service straight up their a$$e$.


Re: I agree completely

Best advice ever coming up here...

Stop using any and all of Cogeco's services.