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Review by ruddypict See Profile

  • Location: Ingleside,ON
  • Cost: $127 per month
Good "Speeds decent"
Bad "Crappy data caps! Phone support a joke."
Overall "even 6mbit GAS DSL gives better caps! If you want data go elsewhere."
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Install Co-ordination:
Connection Reliability:
Tech Support:
Value for money:

When I first started with Cogeco, I was really impressed with the service. I was not thrilled about the data caps however.

Later on our internet needs kept on increasing. The only way to fit our data usage was to constantly increase our speed. We didn't need the speed, we just wanted a decent data cap.

Since then Cogeco has maintained their thimble sized data caps. In addition they have overage fees. Each year the overage fee gets higher, the amount they can charge gets higher, and they've lifted overage caps on various plans. One DSLReports forum user was presented with a $2500 bill for data use!!! What else doesn't help matters is how regularly the usage meter fails, how often it waits a week before updating, etc..

I have not been impressed with the level of service either. Little things like phone support being arrogant, telling me I made up RFC1918, etc.. Out of the 3 techs sent to our house, only one was good, the others were utterly useless. Whenever I asked when my area would have DOCSIS3 rolled out, I never got a response -- not from techs in person, not on the phone and not even with the forum support people here (Have had NO answer in 2 years).

Lately the service itself hasn't been impressive either. My speeds have been dipping below 8mbit in the evening and on weekends.

Eventually I got sick of this and got a DSL MLPPP package from a current DSL company. With two DSL lines I have unlimited data usage and don't have to sit there counting bytes as they go through. More importantly I have a constant 10mbit speed regardless of the time of day. It costs HALF of what my Cogeco package did.

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