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Review by spikernum1 See Profile

  • Location: Burlington,ON
  • Cost: $218 per month (24 month contract)
  • Install: about 5 days
Good "Easy to setup and get going. Good quality internet."
Bad "Horrible TV service. Poor pricing unless you are on promotions. Usage monitor is completely broken."
Overall "It's good for people who don't mind paying extra for ease of use."
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Install Co-ordination:
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# The Good #
I signed up over 2 years ago with Cogeco and was very happy at the beginning. They were able to come in and setup all my services within 5 days of my initial call with them.

My initial bills were very cheap too ($150/month) and I was pleased with the cost for the services I was receiving. I was on 4 or 5 promotions at the time.

The Internet I ordered was 14 down/1 up and it was accurate to that almost 99% of the time. No significant downtimes and no connection issues throughout my entire contract.

# The Bad #
The bandwidth meter for the Internet is broken. I have my modem connected directly to my router, so all my traffic going to Cogeco goes through my router. I have traffic monitoring software setup, and the traffic that goes through my router does not match the traffic that Cogeco's bandwidth meter believes I've used.

I have two HD PVR's in my house, and neither record shows properly. It's really hit or miss. I'm not sure it is Cogeco's fault or the PVR manufacturer's fault. The entire PVR software is just a complete flop.

# The Ugly #
When Cogeco's bandwidth cap for my plan was at 60GB/month, my family constantly used 40-60GB every month. Never went over.
Once Cogeco bumped our cap up to 80GB/month, my bandwidth usage sky-rocketed to 80-90GB/month. No change in download/upload habits... but it was constantly 80-90GB/month.

My monthly bill has now reached $220/month now that I'm almost done all my promotions - and that is without any bandwidth overage. In 3 more months, my last promotion will expire and I will be paying $240/month.

# The Outcome #
As of March 2012, I am now actively searching to replace all my Cogeco services.

Their customer service did not want to help me stay with them when I told them I enjoyed their services, but not what they are giving me in terms of pricing.

It seems as though, to get a discount from Cogeco, you have to berate their customer service, be transferred to Customer Retention, and they will throw some promotions at you. My co-worker does this every 6 months to stay at the cheapest. Unfortunately, it does not work for me because I don't like yelling at someone for my own personal gain.

It is a horrible system where you have to be a terrible rude customer to get the discounts.

If you are a well mannered, kind person, who always pays their over-priced services on time... well, it doesn't matter... you are out of luck.

##### 1 Year Later #####
I moved my internet service to Start Communications. I've never been so happy...

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