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Six Month Rating

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Review by Keaters See Profile

  • Location: Chatham,ON
  • Cost: $107 per month (12 month contract)
  • Install: about 6 days
Good "425GB of usage is perfect for my needs"
Bad "No transparency and willing to fix a massive problem in a city"
Overall "If Bell would upgrade Chatham to VDSL, I would jump ship in a hard-beat to a TPIA for VDSL service."
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·TekSavvy Cable
I love the fact I can get 60Mbps down and a future upload of 10Mbps and to pay $64.95 for it is awesome. You cannot beat that price with any other provider out there. I am so happy I got this service and don't have to worry about anything. Will update my post in a few months to give you a better idea of how it goes.

Update: Over the past 4 months, I have been blown away by the incapability of Cogeco to manage the network in Chatham. All of Chatham is currently under a slow speeds issue for all DOCSIS 3.0 speeds due to over subscription, and nodes that need to be upgraded. You think, to avoid pissing off their customers, they could get their act together and upgrade their service to handle the existing problem. What makes this even more stupid is the fact my account was given to a member from the Office of the President and I was told there is no exact time frame for repairing the congestion issue during peak hours problem. Then, I find out from friends and colleagues who have Cogeco on the Ultimate 30 that they are being moved to the Ultimate 55 by mid April. So Cogeco will upgrade speeds, but upgrade the network to resolve the existing problem before do this? Cogeco just needs to be more transparent and more active with their customers when it comes to issues like this. I would not be as iritated and upset as I am now. Oh well.

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Umm, it's $94.25 without a bundle and excluding 6 month promotional discount. Do you really want to bother with the trouble of switching afterwards? Not worth it imo.
Chatham, ON

Re: Lies.

I am on a 12 month promo for existing TV customers