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Six Month Rating

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Review by john262 See Profile

  • Location: Elko,Elko,NV
  • Cost: $57 per month (12 month contract)
  • Install: about 4 days
Good "Quick installation"
Overall "Overpriced for the relativley slow speed I get"
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So far I am happy with Frontiernet. I moved to the Elko Nevada area from the Sacramento area, and since Frontier is about the only broadband option available in Elko, I called them from Sacramento before I moved hoping that it might be set up when I moved in. Well, I moved in over the weekend, and today, Monday, my self install kit was dropped off and within a few minutes I was up and running.

I knew from previous experience not to install their software from the CD that was part of the installation kit, so instead I connected the Speedstream 5200 modem to my Netgear router, then connected the router to my PC. It only took a minute for the DSL light on the modem to come on, and then my router was connected.

It's dynamic IP, not PPPoE like I had with SBC DSL in the Sacramento area. So it's a true always on connection. Yea! And the throughput speeds I am getting are better than advertised, 1.9 Mbps up and 276 kbps down. I was only getting 1.2/212 from SBC. In fairness to SBC, maybe I am closer to Frontier's switching station here but at any rate I am happy with the speeds. Also, I am not noticing any DNS problems so far like I read that some other Frontier customers are having, but then it's only been on for a few hours so it's too early to tell if this will be consistant or not.

Unfortunately, Frontier doesn't have a promotion like SBC has so I am paying $49.95 monthly rather than $29.95. I guess that means a few less six packs per month, but at least I don't have to worry about a contract with an early termination fee. Luckily, when I cancelled SBC my year long contract had just run out.

Frontier also includes an unlimited dialup account with their DSL service, but their NNTP newsgroup server is not the best. It lacks binary groups and even the text groups don't have much retention, but I can live with that since I don't use usenet very much.

So far I am happy, but I know full well that sometimes problems can crop up after a few weeks so I will reserve final judgement for now, but so far so good. I will post an update after a while to let you know how it's going.

-- Here is an update after about a year of service. My only complaint is cost. At $49.95 per month I am paying a lot more than customers in other areas with other providers are paying. I can only hope that this situation will change when our local cable company, Charter, begins to offer broadband Internet, which should happen soon.

But technically, the service remains excellent. Speeds are great, and I have never seen the problems with DNS servers that some Frontiernet customers in other areas have reported.

7/29/10 I decided to cancel Frontier and try another ISP here in Elko, Wireless Beehive. However, I was unsatisfied with it because of uneven service, and it was unsuitable to VOIP, so I canceled them and I am back with Frontier. The cost has gone up to $57 monthly including a modem rental fee for stand alone DSL, and they forced me into a one year contract. They have bumped the speeds up. I now get 3 Mbps down and 380 Kbps up, which is pretty slow for that price. In Salt Lake City I could get three times that speed for $20 per month less. The modem is a combination modem and router, the Siemens SE567. It seems to be quite stable and I have seldom had to reboot it, but it's signal is weaker than what I got with my previous wireless router. Now upstairs in my bedroom Windows says that the signal is "good," whereas with the other router it was "excellent."

Edit - 12/8/11 They have bumped my speed up to about 6 Mbps down.

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