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Review by aguypd See Profile

  • Location: Silver Springs,Wyoming,NY
  • Cost: $36 per month (24 month contract)
  • Install: about 7 days
Good "First year is free"
Bad "We lose our connection every time it rains"
Overall "Switched back to RR"
Pre Sales information:
Install Co-ordination:
Connection reliability:
Tech Support:
Value for money:
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My Other Reviews

·Time Warner Cable

(update 2014-11)My mom, finally, dropped Frontier, and in it's place she now has Time Warner. Her bandwidth never got above 3.5 Mbs, even though she was signed up for their 10 Mbs service, and her latency was always running around 60-70 ms.

(update 2013-06)There hasn't been any improvement in the service from Frontier. The latency still runs 60-70 ms and the bandwidth is still down around 3.5 Mbs on the 10 Mbs service.

(update 2012-11)Recently the Internet service seems to have degraded. The latency has increased to near 70 ms and the connection resets several times a day with a new IP address being issued each time.

(update 2010-09)I am still glad that I switched back to Road Runner. However, my mother still uses Frontier's DSL. She consistenly gets bandwidths around 3.5 Mbs on her 10 Mbs service. The latency is usually around 50 ms. It can be frustrating to work on the computers at her house and attempting to use the Internet, after getting used to Road Runner at home.

We decided to get rid of our telephone service with Frontier, too, and switch to Time Warner's Digital Phone. Frontier wanted to charge us $200 because they said we had entered into a 2 year contract with them for the Telephone service. The two years for the DSL when we had it, ended back in May of 2010, and we never agreed to a 2 year contract, so I guess they just automatically put us on one.

My wife called the service department and complained and the customer service representative, said that they would cancel the $200 charge.

(update)After continuously comparing bandwidth between my mom's dsl with Frontier and our Road Runner connection, the Road Runner connection is always about three times the bandwidth and less than half of the latency.

(update)My mother, who still has Frontier DSL, got hit by lightning. She called Frontier's customer service and told them that she lost the phones and DSL. The service tech came out and got the phones back online, but never checked the DSL. She had to call them again and finally drove an hour to one of their centers, to pick up a new modem.

(update)Forget trying to get anywhere with their customer service. If you tell them you have an issue, only when it is raining and the lines are wet, they will still send a technician the next day, even though the sun is shining and everything is dried out.

(update)Switched back to Road Runner after less than six months with Frontiernet. It was a mistake to ever switch to Frontiernet.

Switched from Time Warner's Road Runner to Frontiernet's 10M DSL with a new plan that the first year is free and the second year is only $30/month and a promise that the 10M was available to our house. This turned out to be a mistake

After having the service for almost a month, we had several problems and tech support was a 45 minute wait on the phone. Technicians came out the next day and found a problem between us and the CO. Our speeds, 3568/374, are better than they were yesterday, 503/260, but not as good as they had been, 4417/376. This definitely is not what they promised us, though.

Apparently, when it rains our connection is unstable. This is terrible. I guess I have to hope for a drought, so I can have a good connection. Because of the bad connections in the wet weather, Frontier keeps throttling back our speed, instead of fixing the actual problem. The latency has really tanked, too. We were getting a latency around 35 ms, but now we are over 80 ms.

Every time it rains, we can look forward to speeds around 500/200 and a latency over 100 ms. It is terrible.

Frontier has released their announcement on their caps, and our speed is down to 95/78 with a latency of 695 ms. Go figure.

After lying to us about the availability of 10M being available in our area and their position on net neutrality, I am not holding our breath about their honesty, that people in their price protection agreement, won't be capped, also.

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Tremont, IL

Frontier Advertises "High" speed internet

Have DSL through a land line with Frontier for the past 4 months. Speed is only slightly better than dial up - download: 0.98 mbs/sec upload: 0.37 mbs/sec. The only positive thing about this "high" speed isp is the unlimited band width. It frustrates even more with every TV commercial marketing their "high" speed product. Excede satellite service is 10-12 times faster but obviously more expensive. The choice in the more rural areas in Illinois is abysmal.



Re: Frontier Advertises "High" speed internet

I am getting angry because i was seeing 3mbp advertised then they told me to expect only 1.6mbps, then the installer said we only get 300kb....using my cellphone i can do things, but frontier on my pc is like a Turtle going up a mountain!!!!! I am shocked that a company is so desparate to make money by mass gathering a crowd of customers and doing zero to improve quality of service. Virgin mobile hotspot seemed faster than this!!!!! HELL, DIAL UP could be faster? I have been told oh you cant stream any video....only check emails? That was not stated at sign up...only when installer arrived...why is this service so bad?