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Review by Cycholobo See Profile

  • Location: Webster Springs,Webster,WV
  • Cost: $34 per month (12 month contract)
Good "DSL - Used to beat dial up"
Bad "only DSL avail"
Overall "misrepresentations from the start - clueless online tech - antiquated equip"
Pre Sales information:
Install Co-ordination:
Connection reliability:
Tech Support:
Value for money:
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latest Frontier failure
After fighting with Frontier for the last three years over speeds and having them respond by changing their agreement to only guarantee 70% of the speed packages they sell. Not surprising that even at 70% still Not be able to supply 1 Mb down. SAD

Their latest nonsense needs to be addressed by all customers of their service. Frontier-Yahoo ! I am personally offended that some one would represent to me that I should pay them for a service that is available for free.

Read the Yahoo agreement and you will find that Yahoo reserves the right to, in the future charge fees for their service as well as all the monitoring and other crap yahoo is so famous for. Does that mean paying both Yahoo and Frontier for e-mail. WOW - talk about bending over.

Frontier supplied a advertisement free simple and secure mail service that was supplied as part of their DSL service. They have taken that away and replaced it with something that is available for free, but they are not reducing customer charges. Hence Frontier gets more and supplies less. The Frontier management chose to free up servers rather than purchasing the needed additional equipment and have chosen to represent this farce as a Free Upgrade complete with advertizing that you can not opt out of because that advertizing is what pays for the yahoo services ( read the TOS )

The only upgrade I see is getting out of Frontier. Unfortunately there are no options available in my location.

It is time for all the frustrated Frontier customers who have been abused by this company for too long to take a stand and litigate the issue.

We need to find a legal firm to institute a class action against Frontier for "False advertising" and "Failure to supply contracted services"and damages.

We can all start by sending complaints to FCC, State Attorney Generals, State Utility Commissions. Federal and state consumer agencies and so on.

Mine are in the process.

Document everything and the overwhelming preponderance of data might actually bring results

ENOUGH IS ENOUGH -legal firms interested - please post - other parties input welcome

Orig review
Signed up in Jan 08 when it became available - first problems within days - couldn't stay connected - speed check DL 1200 kb UL 156 kb - guaranteed 1 Mb of unlimited access and XBox Live compatibility - by March speeds were down to half of the guaranteed DL speed and we began having lag problems in ranked matches - Siemens SE 567 Gateway @ $3.99 per Month in addition to DSL charges - Absurd but the only game in area

Xbox says frontier is not on their list of approved carriers and the Siemens SE 567 is not an approved Gateway - Frontier has the XBox logo on their site indicating approval and say that as long as you can connect to Xbox it is acceptable - they also say that they guarantee the connection not the ability to play games - talk about a line - when they are trying to close the deal they are XBox approved but when the problems start they only guarantee that you can connect

July 08 hit point where on line competition became impossible - started daily logs running successive speed tests throughout the day and evening - multiple calls to tech were 95 % useless because once they go through the flow charts on the screen in front of them they are clueless - since Jan we have had contact with two online tech people who were knowledgeable and professional but two out of a dozen or so says all the wrong things - had a service techie come out and spend a couple of hours - confirmed in writing on work order it is not our equip causing problems - one of the sharpest phone co techies i have met in the 20 years here - speeds hunting all over 200 kb to 1200 kb - latency ranges 65 ms to 86 ms - when problems are occurring port ( in use ) and wireless lights on gateway are blinking at various rates - total inconsistency - packet loss unknown

Have accumulated almost 30 pages or test results ( 19 tests per page ) using Frontier / Bluefield test and several other speed tests - tests are run so that multiple tests are run in a succession - When the frontier test is hunting all over with more than a hundred point swing the mid point of the dominate swing seems to agree with the other test results NOT THE SPIKE that the frontier seems to find so frequently. The Frontier DL needle can bounce between 200 kb and 8oo kb for 99 % of the test and then in the last fraction of a second spike to 1100 kb and the 1100 kb will show as the speed - talk about lame - UL never exceed 165 kb with 150 kb +/- most common and a low of 65 kb

Pages of test data prove that our use is not the problem - we have had one computer on line surfing and pulled 200kb speeds - we have had 3 computers plus the Xbox 360 with three players logged in and pulled 1200 kb - weather is not a consistent factor - temp doesn't make a difference - we are one of four clients on a T1 and we are the only client who games - frontier did an extended traffic report test ( days ) and at no time did the usage even approach 20% of line capacity - we should be screaming in a good way

Now we go days with 1 Mb +/- with an occasional reverse spike back to 200 or so - BUT now our line speed will test over a Mb and it will take 10 min to load a text page

They are either manipulating MTU below the 1365 needed for XBox or restricting our throughput by buffering or shaping - They of course deny it saying that they do not do that

Our slowest system has 3 Ghz CPU with 4 GB RAM and ATI Graphics

Frontier is consistent in their initial misrepresentations during the sale - problems are always a customer equip issue and they don't like when u prove them wrong - their antiquated equipment without replacement backups because the equip is no longer produced results in repairs made with scrounged used parts

Appears that Frontier needs to wake up and the only way that will happen is if customers in each state join collectively in documenting the issues and approach the state Attorney General for misrepresentation and failure to fulfill the contract terms or litigate with a class action. Alone there will be no resolution for any of us - they don't care and the utilities commission most likely won't do squat - they are about $$ so the potential loss of $$ might get their attention - talking to them has been proven not to work


Update but first to fairly qualify initial rating:

Pre Sales Info was rated low because they were interested in closing the sale and misrepresented the actual service we were receiving - got even better because monthly service billing was higher by $ 5.00 and modem charge was $ 1.00 higher than what we were quoted - took till March to resolve and when it was taken care of Frontier said our contract start date was March extending our contract by months - not worth the hassle at this point

Connection Reliability is and has been the major issue with Frontier

Services and Value for the Money serious unresolved issues make it impossible to rate higher

Install Coordination was a matter of the tech service rep driving out to deliver the gateway - they would have installed it but I chose to do it myself - hence a neutral rating

Tech Support is a similar issue - while the vast majority of tech contacts were clueless - it would be unfair to rate the tech Support based totally on those contacts when we did run into a couple of tech people who were sharp and the service techie who came out to check the lines and our equipment was very sharp and professional - thus a neutral rating

Sat 9th Aug
Ran a Gateway Diagnostics ( @ ) on Siemens SE 567 that we have always passed and suddenly in Internet Connectivity portions both DNS Query and Ping a Well Known Host FAILED - Test has consistently FAILED EVERY TIME it has been run since.

Called Frontier about failed tests - another work order put in - finally were told if DSL is working don't worry about it

Another issue that has come up is that in games we can’t get into invited games and can’t host - Game sites consistently identify a Strict Nat as the issue - only problem with that is that at time we were running on open system with DMZ enabled on all ports so some how we are leaving here and in transit or at the target site we are being interpreted as a Strict Nat - this has happened before a couple of times over the past few months but it has never lasted for more than a couple of hours - this time it’s been 3 days and going.

Mon 11th Aug
Over the past couple of days ran several packet loss checks - all of the short ones came back with a less than 2 % loss and Latency between a min .44 ms and max 121.37 ms - interesting thing is that each time a loss was identified it was at a Frontier Hop. - Ran 1 - 24 hour test with Packet Loss from 36.91 % to 38.28 % and again loss associated with frontier hops

Not getting anywhere with Frontier so decided to play with Gateway set up - PPPoE ( tried combos 0/35 - 8/35 - 0/36 enable / disable / default ) - DMZ ( enabled / disabled ) - NAPT ( enabled / disabled ) - Opened different combos of ports - UPnP ( enabled / disabled )

Started Smoke ping ( 24 hour test ) West Coast 37% packet loss - East Coast 38% packet loss

Ended up with the following proving to be the best setup for us : PPPoE @ Default Enabled ( 0/35 ) - DMZ @ Disabled - UPnP @ Enabled - NAPT @ Enabled with the following ports opened [Protocol] Port ID - [TCP] HTTP/80 - [TCP] SMTP/25 - [TCP] PPTP/1723 - [UDP] DNS/53 - [UDP] SNMP/161 - [UDP] 27910 - [UDP] 6112 - [TCP] 3074 - [UDP] 27015 - [UDP] 20100 - [UDP] 27960 - [UDP] 3074 - [UDP] 88 - [UDP] 3330 - [UDP] 77

Tues 12th Aug
8:00 pm pages wouldn’t load - tried to do Frontier Speed Test - page started loading and after 4 minutes still hadn’t timed out but still hadn’t gotten to start page. 10 minutes later the page slowly loaded and speeds were DL 235 and UL 100 - 5 minutes later DL 300 and UL 83. 30 minutes later DL 54 kb and UL 95 kb. Unable to play or connect.

When speeds dropped to DL 54 kb we had 31 RX CRC errors and 21 Err ( sec ) - DS Atten. is and has always been consistent @ 51.5 - DS SNR has fluctuated from a high of 28.5 to a low of 11.5 that coincides with our 54 kb DL speed

This got really interesting @ 10:30 pm this evening - DS SNR 15.5 to 16 - DS Atten 51.5 - zero errors - DL 1042kb UL 99 kb - Gate way diagnostics still FAILED DNS Query and Ping Known Host BUT pages loading almost instantly - game play fastest ever with Zero lag or speed / connection problems - still getting Strict Nat error but DSL is running the way it is supposed to.

As I am writing this it is now 1 am and we are starting to see faint hints of lag that are lasting for 5 to 30 seconds - speeds holding around 1060 to 1100 kb - no errors showing

Called frontier tech this am to tell them not to touch anything because the DSL is working

We’ll see how long it lasts

Also e-mailed Siemens from their own customer support site requesting comparison of Gigaset SE 567 with firmware #004-E652-A4E config. 003-a102-G08 vs Speedstream 6520 with firmware # 004-E753-A4E config. 003-W093-G0A in relation to Xbox Live requirements

Xbox has approved the 6520 / firmware / configuration for Xbox Live but not the SE 567 /firmware / configuration that we have - I searched their site before I sent the info request and there is NO TECH INFO on their site regarding the SE 567 - u probably guessed by now they responded - thanked me for my request for info and directed me to the exact site I sent the request from - Of course they also expressed that they hope that they answered the question - guess they don’t know their products too well or don’t have documentation on the various configurations and couldn’t answer or it was just too much work.

2:30 pm Mon 25th Aug to 11:am 27th Aug
DL 17 kb to 54 kb & UL 7 kb to 55 kb

@ 11:00 am speed back DL 1100 kb +/- UL 157 kb steady

speeds fairly consistent since 90 % with occasional drops to DL 100 kb +/- and UL 120 kb +/-

1st Sept - Xbox down - won't read cd's AGAIN ( 7th problem )

Thurs 11th Sept

phones down - started with serious static rapidly progressed to open line - BUT DSL still connected @ DL 150 kb to 175 kb and UL @ 156 kb steady

Thurs 18th Sept 7:43 pm

phones back - interesting point - first ever independent contractors came out because Frontier employees where overwhelmed with problems

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Queen Anne, MD

Line issue

It sounds like you have an obvious line issue. The rest is really a bunch of useless information, no offense.

I am contacting my sales rep to see if our wholesale agreement extends in to Frontier areas. If it does we may be able to offer some assistance - I'll let you know.

Queen Anne, MD

Re: Line issue

Is this a area that has always been Frontier or a Verizon area that was sold?

Webster Springs, WV

Re: Line issue

always frontier/citizens - ran for initial 2 years with no issues after they got it working - frontier did campaign to boost user base and oversold capacity three years ago and things have not been right since- have stack of line quality tests - pings / multiple speed tests and a stack of documentation that is 4 to 5 inches thick. All shared w/ frontier tech at their request. It's not the local techs - it's local management and up. Stir it up enough and it gets fixed for a couple of days then back to same.

everything indicates issues at local office and Bluefield (hub). Lines were all replaced several years ago when that bad ice storm hit east coast. Weather is not normally an issue but the squirrels did get the lines once. From the outside service boxes (2 - because we carried 2 lines for years) it's about 15 feet to gateway and all systems are hardwired with quality Cat 6 cables. Speeds and latency bounce all over.

the yahoo thing is what has pushed the issue.

Tech people saw our equip and records show it is not our equip. - Alienware MX17's, MacBook Pro and custom built desktops w/ EVGA motherboards / graphics caeds & max ram on all.

very remote about 3 miles from T1 w/ 5 homes fed including us. Other T1 leading into area is full ( 12 )

Elko, NV


You can use a browser ad blocker to block the ads. Or you can enable enable SMTP Authentication and use Frontier Yahoo mail ad free through an email client.

Webster Springs, WV

Re: Ads

appreciate the info but Yahoo mail is just too dangerous. a lot of people don't care, but some of us do.

Look at the senate race where the incumbent is using comments made by the challenger in 2009 and 2010 in an open chat forum within a game ( World of Warcraft )

That's just scary.

People just don't get it or ignore it

Webster Springs, WV
appreciate the info but Yahoo mail is just too dangerous. a lot of people don't care, but some of us do.

Look at the senate race where the incumbent is using comments made by the challenger, posted in game chat in 2009 / 2010 in World of Warcraft. This is a 2012 election.

That is just scary.

Yahoo is the biggest offender of personal rights.