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Review by ssavoy See Profile

  • Location: Shavertown,Luzerne,PA
  • Cost: $44 per month (12 month contract)
Good "Reliable"
Bad "Expensive, Modems are junk, Slow, Worthless 5GB cap"
Overall "Should be your last resort"
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We had Epix internet services until Frontier bought them out a few years ago. The speeds basically stayed the same while rates went up. Last October our old modem stopped working (it was nearly 8 years old). A Frontier tech came and gave us a new Siemens. First off, it's a junk modem to begin with. You can't bridge it to your existing router, so you're stuck having to deal with another router on your network. Port 80 on it is open by default on the Siemens modem, which is extremely insecure considering anyone scanning on Frontier's IP Range can get in to your network if they know the default username/password for the modem...which isn't hard to guess (I think it's admin/admin or something similar).

I already have a Linksys router set up, and you can't really use the port forwarding option on it since it's connected to the Siemens. However, a trick I found is to
-Log into the Siemens gateway
-Set the DMZ to your router's IP.
-That way your router is facing the internet just like a typical setup.

On the reliability end I have to give them an A+ though. It's never gone out since Frontier took over, even during snow and ice storms. Only when our modem broke it went out, not their fault (or maybe they just wanted us to get the new modem). I use OpenDNS so I can't account for their DNS reliability.

A few years ago when I didn't really know what DNS was, our router reset after a storm and I needed the DNS addresses again. I called their tech support and simply asked what those numbers were. They were completely clueless and I was on the phone for over an hour and a half, transferred to three different departments until someone from Frontier was able to tell me their DNS numbers. Most of the techs over-the-phone are clueless, some denied the fact I needed DNS and instead had me use Command Prompt to attempt to bring the connection up (it was not ipconfig anything).

I realized their AUP states a 5GB monthly cap. We're paying $44.95/month for DSL alone. Comcast is in this area, provides speeds 12x faster for $3 less, and has a 250GB cap. I don't know who Frontier thinks they are but they're pretty much running themselves into the ground.

Their Twitter support is nice to have, but unfortunately unless Frontier- 1) Changes to an all fiber infrastructure, and 2) Lowers rates, there's no future hope for this company. Since they're frequently the only provider in some areas, they think they can get away with their pathetic infrastructure. I don't know how they're going to support the newly divested Verizon FiOS markets.


Speeds are still the same. Pings are minimally 60ms, 40ms to the first hop. Frontier is still a poor service with little to no chance of being improved.

Switched to Comcast last October and have not had any issues. Frontier AFAIK is still a joke in terms of speed.

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