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Review by Blackbird See Profile

  • Location: Fort Wayne,Allen,IN
  • Cost: $15 per month
Good "Service/repair response time"
Bad "Severe slowdowns/stoppages during peak hours"
Overall "Seriously looking for alternatives, but very few choices are available"
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This service started out with Verizon several years ago (hence my installation reviews reflect Verizon's earlier stewardship), and was bought up several years ago by Frontier. DSL and POTS under Frontier started out on a par with the previous Verizon level, but about two years ago, notable deterioration of DSL download speeds began occurring at peak hours, at times bringing things to a complete halt for several minutes. Apparently, server and/or line capacity isn't keeping up with traffic levels, especially after 5pm until 11pm when a lot of users stream data or game.

Also, there continue to be unrelated (but fortunately infrequent) problems with POTS heavy line noise/static (caused by cracks in the aging copper) that interfere with the phone service, but not the DSL running at a higher frequency. The copper lines to this area are old and poorly maintained.

The service still remains priced at $14.95/mo "for life," as originally contracted with Verizon.

10/6/14 Update: in discussing this with a Frontier tech on site, Frontier is currently only using one pipeline for all the DSL service in this entire NE Indiana region; speed complaints have been growing rapidly for several years as the capacity has completely saturated during the peak evening hours, and the frustrated techs are getting the brunt of the complaints. Unfortunately, Frontier management is apparently ignoring the problem and feedback from its own techs, as it instead chases after fiber customers - all of which creates a major ongoing problem for those of us DSL users who haven't been given fiber service into our areas nor are on any schedule for getting such service. Most nights, DSL speeds here often intermittently drop to or below dial-up speeds for several hours at a stretch, and Frontier seems unwilling/unable to deal with the problem or to honor their speed commitments.

12/11/14 Update: service continues to deteriorate in terms of how often the speed slows down. From 1600 hours onward, download speed deteriorates virtually every night. By 2030, speeds are at 20kb/s or at a complete halt (even the speed tests sites "hang"). At 2300 or 2330, speeds generally start rapidly recovering until by midnight, speeds are back to mid-day normal. Am currently paying for full service, but in practical terms am receiving only 17 hours or less per day of usefulness. At evening speeds of 20kb/s or so, almost no website will download more than a header or two without stalling out completely. Tech support is useless in this situation, as phone reps are in denial and field reps all point at chronically overloaded DSL trunk servers and a management team that refuses to remedy things.

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Dial up speeds

With 20KB/s you would be better off with dial up.

So many area's have terrible service. They should really consider replacing alot of the lines with fiber. Some customers are getting 50Mbps.
I recommend trying 100% H2O with a fresh picked apple once everyday.

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Re: Dial up speeds

said by diablo1892:

With 20KB/s you would be better off with dial up. ...

Well... it certainly gives a person pause when considering the best time to download a 100+ Mb major software update. Evenings are definitely out, and last Saturday afternoon, about 2:30pm, the downward DSL speeds suddenly dropped into the 30-75 Kb/sec range for over two hours - and just as suddenly jumped back up afterward. It's gotten to where the only "safe" time to attempt anything major is when everybody else is at school, their jobs, or in bed.

But, we'll see what (if anything) happens next. I just fired off a detailed complaint to their regional mgr.
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