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Six Month Rating

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Review by CableGei See Profile

  • Location: Brookville,Montgomery,OH
  • Cost: $33 per month (24 month contract)
  • Install: about 30 days
Good "I have always talked to US based Tech Support"
Bad "Poor Value"
Overall "In my area, Time Warner Cable wins over Frontier."
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Install Co-ordination:
Connection reliability:
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9/6/11 Update:

Frontier seems to have taken care of the severe network congestion in my area by adding more backbone capacity. I no longer have issues with packet loss due to network congestion as I did before. Sometimes my DSL modem will lose its WAN IP at exactly midnight and not renew it for hours... or until I call their tech support and the automated system "Checks the line" before I get placed into the call queue. As soon as the line check is performed, something happens that allows me to pull a WAN IP immediately. Power-cycling the modem does not make a difference.

I've had so many small connectivity issues with them it's been ridiculous. They are always willing to give me a credit, but I rarely feel like calling them. It's just a hassle, but I suppose that's my problem.

If I had the option of getting Time Warner Cable here, I would. But this is what I have. I find the value to be very poor. I pay $30-something for "up to 3Mbps" and receive 1.7Mbps. Even if I got the full 3Mbps, it'd still be a crappy deal.

--Original Review:

I've got 768Kbps DSL from Frontier. I'd order a faster package, but that's simply the fastest available to me. At just over $30 for this package, that down right sucks. I started with a Westell 6100, but have recently upgraded to a Westell 7500.

I'm in a former Verizon area that is now served by Frontier. I live in a rural area where in the past, Verizon didn't want to spend money on network upgrades; I'm giving Frontier a chance by reporting my constant trouble on a weekly basis. I don't expect them to know about my trouble if I don't report it, so I make sure that I report it.

Frontier has been very easy to talk to and I have been down right impressed by their tech support on the phone. There is usually no wait time and after I navigate through the calling menus, a knowledgeable tech support rep has always greeted me, listened to my problem in detail, and not made me jump through all the script read hoops that I've come to expect by every other ISP I've talked to.

I know that Frontier is dealing with years of neglect on the copper plant in my area from Verizon, so I'm giving them a fair chance to correct the issue before my contract is up. If things aren't fixed when my contract is up, I'll be jumping ship. If they do, I'm willing to stay despite the ridiculous speed/cost ratio. My only other options are wireless providers and I'm not OK with that type of latency.

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