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Six Month Rating

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Review by Action2 See Profile

  • Location: Newman,Douglas,IL
  • Cost: $60 per month (12 month contract)
  • Install: about 6 days
Good "Low Latency"
Bad "Low bandwidth and packetloss during peak times."
Overall "Works well during non peak hours"
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Install Co-ordination:
Connection reliability:
Tech Support:
Value for money:
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Update 4-28-2014

Over a year later congestion is still a problem. Over the last 6 months packet loss has started to become an issue as well. From 4PM-10PM the service is barely usable with speeds reaching 1Mb/s and packet loss getting as high as 10-20%. At this point websites have trouble loading and any real time usage of the internet is impossible.

While severe congestion has been recognized by Frontier as an issue, there is no timetable on fixing the problem.

Update 4-03-2013:

It seems Frontier still can not get a handle on the congestion issues. They have become more severe since the last review. Speeds are generally below 3Mb after 5PM and the low speeds occasionally stay down in the basement until well after midnight.

With the window for low speeds widening instead of closing, their service is becoming less valuable for the price they are asking.
Update 9-26-2012:

Another short update, the new bonded DSL plan is now available and I have upgraded to 12Mb Bonded DSL. The speeds are definitely improved. With this new plan, a new modem/router combo was issued, leaving me with a Comtrend nexuslink 5631.

Congestion is still apparent, I have had severe drops in bandwidth during prime time over the last couple of weeks. Speeds are generally 10-11Mb/s until the 8PM-1AM time frame.

Value for money is a little better in my opinion, with the 2Mb upload being particularly nice.

Bottom line: Once congestion is cleared up, this bonded DSL will be a solid service.


Update 8-15-2012:

Quick update to this review, it appears upgrades have taken place and I can now order 7.1Mb DSL.

I have switched to their new dry loop plan that was recently made available for a similar price but faster speed.

Congestion is still a minor issue at times with speeds dipping during peak hours slightly, however latency usually remains low and bandwidth generally remains above 5Mb.

With the faster speed, the service is becoming more worth the price compared to speeds I had before.

Update 4-9-2012:

Since I wrote this review, the congestion has been mostly cleared up. There are still times of congestion on the network near Chicago, but over all latency and peak time bandwidth has improved.

The most problematic issue with the service at this point is value for money. Despite being on ADSL2+, and very close to the CO I am limited to a 3Mb connection downstream, and 768k upload. I am on the Frontier Max plan and I am currently being charged $57 per month for dry loop DSL line, ($50 + $7 modem fee) which is a very poor speed to cost ratio.

Hopefully greater speeds will be available soon, as current speeds are low even for DSL standards.
Summary: $57 a month for 3Mb DSL with congestion still being an occasional problem during peak times. Expensive and slow overall speeds compared to modern high speed internet.

Original review:

I have had the 3Mbit/s Frontier DSL for the past few months, starting probably in late October of 2010 when it first became available in my area. The service started out great however I started noticing congestion issues from 7pm-midnight every night starting in early november.

Now on average the speeds are about 1Mbit/s with latency of over 200ms every evening. Calling Frontier customer service is not always as helpful as it should,
During non peak hours the latency is usually under 50ms for nearby locations with speeds greatly varying up to the max 3Mbit/s limit of course. I have recently been debating if I should consider going back to the local Wireless ISP in the area as I feel Frontier doesn't have the strength needed to overcome their issues in a reasonable amount of time.

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Frontier service was canceled on February 7, 2012. All equipment was returned and today April I made my third call about the $129,84 Frontier owes me They claim I should receive it in 2 to 3 weeks. Unacceptable!!!!!!!!!!! Never again will I deal with this company,