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Review by fritz43 See Profile

  • Location: Wheeling,Ohio,WV
  • Cost Contract price not specified.
Bad "State-wide outage in West Virginia 2/19/11"
Overall "Tech support unresponsive and/or non-existent."
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What kind of fustercluck would you have to have to deliver NO Internet service for an entire *state* for hours and hours. Several calls to tech support produced nothing but loud, distorted elevator music.

Since the good folks at Verizon threw the entire state of West Virginia under the bus and handed us over to Frontier Communications, tech support has been spotty or non-existent. Calls & emails to the local representative elicit zero response. Frontier had a *STATE-WIDE* "outage" from about 2 AM to 11 AM today. This worries me, and I hope it's not a prediction of things to come.

When we first heard about Frontier, we laughed and joked about "two guys on a card table". Maybe Frontier just isn't up to the job. If so, this leaves us with the only alternative: Coma-cast. We deserve better.

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