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Review by aurgathor See Profile

  • Location: Lynnwood,Snohomish,WA
  • Cost Contract price not specified. (month by month)
Good "works fine sometimes"
Bad "broken DNS servers, occasional long outages, throughput issues"
Overall "seriously thinking of switching comcast"

Verizon was OK, but things have gone seriously downhill since the switchover to Frontier. An IP change from a Verizon IP to Frontier IP took about 16 hours, for one.
Their DNS servers are crap and do page hijacking, see: »page hijacking by Frontier

Because of their "automatic" 12 months contract, I dropped them at the first renewal. After nearly 15 years, I don't want long term contracts.

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Frontier not fixing service area where I live and no other service available

We have no cell service in our area. We are having multiple problems with both phone service and internet with Frontier. Happening to over 100 residences. I would like to know just what we are supposed to do. No other company here, monolopy area.
We have multiple medical issues and phone works just sometimes.
If phone companies cannot afford to repair lines, and making people go to cell service, then they better put up a tower here. Something really must be done about this issue.
Why isn't the public service doing something about this problem???????????????????



Re: Frontier not fixing service area where I live and no other service available

While they are having their meetings trying to decide what to do, we the customers, are without dependable service here. This has went on for months and months and months now.