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Review by Bob61571 See Profile

  • Location: Washington,Tazewell,IL
  • Cost: $98 per month
  • Telco party Verizon (ex GTE)
Good "No Contract , No Extra Added Services"
Bad "Slow Speed, Bad Online Support and Website, Lack of Communication, Frontier not keeping up with current technology here"
Overall "DSL speeds too slow, phone/DSL bundles price too high"
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·MTCO Communicati..
August 17, 2012
Just received bill for 4 months of 3Mb DSL and Telephone service in the mail, for $360+.
No penalty added(that was so nice of them).
Frontier allowing for partial payment plan, if you call them.
Sounds like the customer billing/payment software system failed, big time!

As of July 1, 2010, Frontier is now my provider, after the Verizon acquisition.
$30 is for 3Mbps/768 speed, transferred from previous Verizon deal from late 2009/early 2010. Also, pay $54 for telephone, plus taxes/fees. Router/gateway is Verizon's Actiontec GT704-WG. More reliable than previous Verizon issued hardware(Westell 327W and 7500). Usual speedtest in range from 2.8 to 2.4 down. Have recorded 1.8 in late 2010/early 2011.

My alternatives are Comcast, MTCO(reselling DSL), HiBeam wireless, and the cellphone providers(Verizon, AT&T, Sprint, US Cellular). Some new Fiber providers are providing service nearby: ITV-3 in Pekin, and MTCO in Metamora). I don't think that Comcast has upgraded the Peoria area to DOCSIS 3 yet. AT&T has no interest in adding U-Verse in the Peoria area, since they still offer slow DSL. Local area has patchwork of telcos(Frontier, MTCO, FairPoint, CenturyLink, AT&T). Aggravating for Peoria area, as we are World Headquarters for a Fortune 50 multinational. Many of its employees provide support from home.

Good: Few connection problems for months(until lately). Recorded 14.55Mbps speedtest in October 2010(only lasted for a few days).

Bad experiences: Had 36 hour DSL/Phone outage(connected to rain/local construction) in mid June 2011. In last month(per, Frontier has been moving my initial connection from Carbondale, IL to DeKalb, IL to current Wichita, Kansas(where IP is now identified as Frontier, not Verizon). This required router power cycling. Verizon had previously used a small town near Dayton, Ohio.

Netflix is unwatchable on TV. Even YouTube on the PC has stutter.

Lack of communication from Frontier on outages(until after service restored), and future area plans. Website still has many Verizon references, 1 year after acquisition. Website support/documentation is definitely worse than Verizon.

June 20 2014 - Cancelled Frontier because of 3 MB DSL Internet service and high bundle price with wireline phone of $98.

Good: Relatively stable, although had problems during snowstorms.

Bad: Frontier just did not want to upgrade their DSL speeds from 3MB here. Confirmed that this was my best available speed , after talking to Jeff Scott, Frontier area manager in Spring 2013. Frontier showing that they are not even close to being in the current game, with internet speed. They must think that area has no alternatives, or that they just don't have the $ to get into the current game. Bundle of landline and DSL was $98, which is too expensive. Also, cancelled service June 20 2014, and refund check arrived exactly 3 months later Sept 20 2014. This may be their process, but it's a slow/antiquated process for customers. All this shows why Frontier is a sub-par telco, that will continue to wither on the vine. Left Frontier for newly constructed fiber over builder CLEC, MTCO.

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